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The Best Parks in Adelaide – Scenic Havens of Tranquillity

The city of Adelaide is always a delightful place to visit. For leisure seekers this city offers a number of outstanding parks that are excellent places to relax, unwind and spend leisure time.


Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary

This attractive park offers a haven for more than 27,000 native as well as migratory birds which present an attractive sight for visitors. This attractive sanctuary extends over a 60 km stretch of coastline which is home to many appealing kinds of birds that will capture the attention of the bird lover and general sightseer alike. At this attractive sanctuary you will have the opportunity to observe birds such as the red capped plover, black swan, sooty oystercatcher, red-necked stint, grey plover, ruddy turnstone, sharp-tailed sandpiper and more. Many of these birds are attractive creatures which are sure to captivate the visitor.


Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is an alluring leisure park which offers a number of attractions for the visitor. Here you will find the remnants of one of the initial European farms to have been established in the area. This park also offers splendid extents of woodlands as well as expansive areas of grassland that are always a pleasure to explore. You will have the option of exploring these appealing areas of parkland on foot or on bicycle, which is sure to be an enjoyable experience. Visitors will find that there are a number of attractive trails within this park from which they can choose the trails that they prefer.


Marino Conservation Park

The area that is included within the Marino Conservation Park was once inhabited by Aboriginal peoples who also involved themselves in fishing activities here. Still by the early years of the 20th century this region had been largely cleared of its original vegetation. Today this park protects the remaining sections of the heath vegetation of the coast which now forms a buffer area between the local suburbs. Visitors will have the opportunity to make use of the numerous walking trails and pathways through which you will be able to explore this attractive park. Here you will be able to enjoy picturesque views of the entrancing coastline as well as recreational areas.


O' Halloran Hill Recreation Park

This fine recreational park will undoubtedly capture the imagination of the leisure seeker. Here you will find an extensive network of tracks, walking trails and horse riding paths, all of which are excellent ways to explore this attractive park. On the other hand you will also have the opportunity to cycle through the extent of the park on the designated bicycle track. Although the area found in this recreational area was once cleared for the purpose of grazing livestock, today you will find eucalyptus and other trees that offer shade for a leisurely picnic. As you enjoy the attractions of these lovely parks stay at one of the outstanding Glenelg hotels such as the well placed Oaks Liberty Towers.


Shepherds Hill Recreation Park

The appealing Shepherds Hill Recreation Park offers a number of attractions for the visitor including the ruins of a viaduct and a former train tunnel. At this park visitors will also have the opportunity to experience spectacular views of the surrounding coastline, plains and hills. Visitors may also cycle through the public roads as well as the cycling tracks and trails that you will find within the park. Additionally visitors will find a number of wildlife habitats within the park, with the various kinds of birds being a highlight here. You will encounter avian varieties such as cuckoo-shrikes, blue wrens and even falcons at this alluring recreational site.