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Updated by Andrew Pereira on May 30, 2016
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The Top Beach Activities at Port Stephens - An Attractive Coastal Destination

The Port Stephens area is always an attractive locality for visitors. Here you will have the opportunity to indulge in a number of beach activities, from whale watching to surfing and diving.


Whale and Dolphin Watching Excursions

At Port Stephens visitors will have the chance to depart on a thrilling whale and dolphin watching trip that will provide them with a splendid opportunity to observe these marine mammals first hand. You will have the opportunity to view the mighty humpback whales at close range which is sure to be an enthralling experience. Another attraction on these trips is the appealing dolphins that can be spotted cavorting in the waters which will undoubtedly entrance the animal lover. In fact a host of friendly bottlenose dolphins live in the waters near Port Stephens and can easily be spotted on these excursions.



The waters of Port Stephens have been recognized as a premier area for the thrilling sport of scuba diving. This is because the local waters offer spectacular undersea scenery that is sure to capture the interest of the diving enthusiast. Beneath the sea you will find different kinds of fish, pretty coral formations, jellyfish, turtles, gropers, sea dragons, nudibranchs, sponges and many other marine creatures. Additionally divers will encounter natural features such as magnificent chasms as well as a number of shipwreck sites that will captivate the enthusiast. Visitors will be able to either purchase or hire all the necessary gear that they will need.



Kayaking is another captivating water sport that is relatively simple even for those who lack significant experience in the activity. You will have the opportunity to hire a craft or perhaps undertake an eco-adventure excursion to explore the shimmering sandy beaches and picturesque bays of the area. In fact Port Stephens is a splendid location for paddling and you will encounter remarkable scenery and favourable conditions that will delight the kayaker. In fact you might even be joined by some of the friendly local dolphins as you paddle through the waters. You will be assisted by experienced guides who will provide the necessary guidance and instruction for novice kayakers.



Surfing is another highlight at Port Stephens as the locality offers excellent conducive conditions for this exhilarating water sport. In the local waters you will encounter features such as beach breaks and point breaks that are sure to delight the surfing enthusiast. In the local waters surfers are likely to experience excellent waves that will make surfing a pleasure. Both experienced surfers as well as beginners will enjoy surfing in the waters of Port Stephens. Novices will also have the opportunity to avail themselves of professional instruction as they take the first steps in the sport. As you experience these enjoyable beach activities a fine choice in accommodation would be one of the quality Port Stephens resorts such as Oaks Pacific Blue Resort.



For the ultimate in exhilaration, visitors to Port Stephens can try out parasailing above the waters of the area. One will have the opportunity to engage in single or double – and perhaps even triple – parasailing over the shimmering local waters. Irrespective of which option you choose you will be assured of a sensational ride that will undoubtedly be a memory to treasure. On your ride you will be able to enjoy spectacular views over the picturesque surrounding areas. Your parasailing trip will take you as high as 150 m above the surface of the waters, creating an experience that has few equals in the world of water sports.