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Updated by Harlon Goddard on May 30, 2016
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Best things to do in rainy season in Bali – buzzing in the drizzle

Rain is a rare occasion in Bali. But it can happen at any time of the year. All the same, Bali won't run out of its goings-on.


Spa treatments

Love that aroma? Well, Bali is teeming with spas. Most travellers visit Bali simply for a good experience of spa treatment. If you stay at a Seminyak beach resort, just take a walk around and you will find an ample number of spas. Spas are expensive, go figure. But you can always try out a number of spas and compare the prices as well as their services. Meet the therapists and get their expert service of facials, scrubs and massages in the uniquely Balinese way.



If it is raining outside, then shop inside. Stay at a hotel like Alila Seminyak and browse shopping malls in the vicinity. There are plenty of malls in fact from Discovery Shopping Mall to Mal Bali Galeria in Kuta, Bali Collection in Nusa Dua. Most travellers just idle around looking for miscellaneous things like souvenirs and antiques. Most of these shopping malls offer entertainment to children as well.



Going underwater on a rainy day? It sounds either insane or simply impractical. But it is neither. Raining or not, most travellers relish this experience of going underwater, uniquely available in Bali. Even if you are not skilled in diving, the marine walks let you enjoy the underwater beauty. You will be in direct contact with Bali fish and coral reef gardens. You will be provided all equipment such as air-supplied helmet. Amazingly you can go underwater without getting a slightest drop of water in your body – thanks to submarine tours!


Learn history

Where do you go to learn history? Museum, of course, and where else? And these interesting centres of learning won't close because it rains outside. Probably because even those least interested in history would not mind seeking shelter in a museum when it rains outside. And it won't you do any harm. For a nominal fee, you will get to study the island's rich history through the huge collections of artworks and exhibits. Bali has a number of museums such as Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA). These museums, if required, will organise a full-day tour as well for you.



The rains will make things hard to engage in outdoor activities. But still you can make the best of your holiday by making it a healthy one. Bali is a genuine location known for its indigenous Yoga practice. Why not give this age-old healthy therapy a try and couple it with an organic meal. If you can stick to a Yoga plus organic-meal related routine, you will be a lot more changed when you get back home.



The Balinese use a lot of herbs and spices in their cuisine. That's why Bali cookery has an appeal for most foreigners. Learning the Balinese cookery means you can get familiar with the art of fusing herbs and spices into poultry, seafood and meat. The more you are passionate, the sooner you will master the art of cooking Bali dishes such as sate lilit. Your cookery course begins right at the morning market to buy fresh ingredients for dishes.