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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 24.05 – 30.05.2016
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 24.05 – 30.05.2016

Ponad 9 000 000 wyświetleń! Jak Snapchat zmienił finał PGNiG Pucharu Polski w piłce ręcznej - NowyMarketing

Tegoroczny finał zmagań piłkarzy ręcznych PGNiG Pucharu Polski wsparła kampania influencer marketingowa prowadzona na Snapchacie, Instagramie i...

Wrigley’s Extra says ‘cause-related’ marketing is now essential for brands as it rolls out Smile Back project

Chewing-gum brand Wrigley’s Extra is the latest to shake-up its marketing and move towards ‘cause-related’ campaigns,...

Adweek's Power List 2016: The Top 100 Leaders in Marketing, Media and Tech

To assemble Adweek's second annual Power List, we considered the profiles and results of global corporate titans, taking into account such criteria as company value, revenue and revenue growth, market performance, consumer reach and affinity, their standing among rivals, the number of employees overseen, key acquisitions and partnerships, indus

Snapchat Video Views Are Up – Again

Snapchat daily video views have jumped from 6 to 10 million views in less than a year. More videos are now being viewed on Snapchat, than Facebook.

Nike's Coffee-Looking Shoe Will Go Nicely With the Krispy Kreme One

There's probably a sizable crossover between people who drink Starbucks regularly and people who wear Nikes.

Zappos' Cool New Shoebox Can Be Cut Up and Repurposed in a Bunch of Unique Ways

Zappos wants you to think outside the box. Beginning with the box itself.

Facebook Is Building Personalised Emoji

During the past days, various reports surfaced claiming that Facebook wants to offer allow its users to create their own personalised emoji. Yes, in fact

Facebook Releases Data on Usage Trends Over Summer [Infographic]

Facebook has released a new infographic which looks at how usage trends on the platform change over Summer - worth consideration for those looking to maximize their seasonal outreach efforts.

Twitter is testing a night mode on Android

If there's one thing all nerds can agree on, it's that night modes absolutely rule.
I have no idea why this is a thing, but it is. Literally just this weekend, while procrastinating on a story I...

Facebook ditches Bing, 800M users now see its own AI text translations

Machine learning is accomplishing Facebook's mission of connecting the world across language barriers. Facebook is now serving 2 billion text translations per..

Facebook now lets you skip right to the engaging parts of live videos

Facebook is introducing a new "Engagement graph" for Facebook Live, a simple-to-understand visualization that reveals which parts of a live clip viewers have engaged with the most. According to...

Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters | Twitter Blogs

You can already do a lot in a Tweet, but we want you to be able to do even more.

Havas Worldwide Just Dropped the (Giant) Mic on Canal Street's Post-it Wars

Two weeks after the Canal Street #postitwars began with a single word, "HI," one of the main agencies involved—Havas Worldwide—has shut things down in style. With a giant image of a mic drop. It took the agency about four hours on Monday night to complete the image you see above. It was finally wrapped up at about 11:30 p.m.

Foursquare is remaking itself as a bot

We may be getting a new way to use Foursquare. The location-based recommendation company today announced Marsbot, an iOS app for the service that aims to provide tips for where to eat and drink in...

YouTube Gaming launches 'event pages' to make finding coverage easier, starting with E3

YouTube Gaming is about to get a lot more serious with the launch of event pages in the coming weeks. The pages will serve as a hub for any videos and comm

Krzysztof Gonciarz - Sceptykom zamknęliśmy wczoraj usta

Krzysztof Gonciarz znów wszystkich zaskoczył, startując ze zbiórką na Patronite. I wbrew temu, co mówi się o "Polakach-cebulakach" odniósł sukces.

Burger King Slays Competition On Snapchat

The latest brand to conquer Snapchat is Burger King, with the help of David agency. The brand, whose campaigns have been met with resounding success in the past

It’s official: Most of us now get our news from social media

If this Pew study is right, Facebook is dominating the news game.

Visits to Facebook Canvas Ads Average 31 Seconds

Facebook introduced its Canvas full-screen immersive advertising product for iOS and Android phones in February, and the social network provided a progress report Thursday.

Facebook starts selling offsite ads targeting non-users too

Facebook's advertising network is already a colossal business -- it helped the social network bring in $5.38 billion in revenue during its most recent quarter..

Twitter partners with Spotify to soundtrack your music tweets with audio cards

Twitter users can now play Spotify tracks within tweets in the form of audio cards. The music streaming service will also be featured on Twitter Moments.

Twitter ditches its Buy button, puts focus on retargeting

Eight months after full launch, it seems that Twitter is mothballing the Buy button.