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Updated by Juliana Roberts on May 27, 2016
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Best Island Hopping Spots in Maldives – An Adventure to Remember

The Maldives being an archipelago of 26 atolls and over a 1000 coral islands is a haven to explore. Some islands boast gorgeous corals and exotic fish while others are uninhabited verdant jungles.


Visit Many Islands from one Base

The best way to experience many islands at once is to visit the Robinson Club located on Funamadua Island. This is a round shaped island that is skirted by other islands in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll. Each one of these islands has a unique lure; for instance if you want to purchase the best grass mats visit Gaadhu Island while those of you interested in culture can explore the Buddhist temple located on Gan Island, the temple surrounded by a tropical jungle is quite a treat to explore. Surf fans can head over to Firoi Island which boasts some excellent breaks for surf enthusiasts; coincidently this island is where the grass is grown for the purpose of mat weaving.


Picnics on Deserted Islands

Any top luxury resort Maldives is home to will offer island hopping experiences. They will take you across a variety of islands promising swimming within hidden coves, relaxing on sun kissed beaches and exploring verdant tropical forests. Places such as Kuramathi Island home to the Kuramathi Island Resort Maldives are verdant havens where the environs are well preserved under nature protection policies. Visiting such islands is quite a treat for the foliage and lush surroundings. These resorts also organise picnics to deserted islands where the house chef will whip up a gourmet meal to be enjoyed under sunny skies.


Island Hopping and Diving in the Maldives

It is no secret that the Maldives is home to some of the world's top dive spots; hence there are a large number of tourists visiting the archipelago with the sole intention of diving around the best sites. Dive tours offered by the best Maldives beach resorts or live aboard cruises are ideal for island hopping and diving around the best sites. These include places like Guraidhoo Kandu, Banana Reef, Hanifaru Bay and Maalhos Thila. Each one of these locations offer a different experiences; such as diving amongst the most beautiful coral reefs, diving in waters frequented by the big fish such as whale sharks and manta rays, diving amongst ancient shipwrecks and a chance to experience reef sharks in all their splendour.


Island Hopping Amongst the Inhabited Islands

Island hopping also includes a visit to one of the inhabited islands. There you are in for a treat of culture and tradition. Observe the simple lifestyles led by these ancient fisher folk; if you are lucky you may make in time to watch a fresh catch being brought in. Chat to the locals, maybe taste some local fare and take home a million memories.


Snorkelling around the Pristine Islands

Island hopping tours that are also snorkelling expeditions are quite popular in the Maldives. Unlike scuba diving snorkelling is a water sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who can swim, as such snorkelling is a family affair. Take on a snorkelling tour to the best island locations such as Elaidhoo, Fihalhoi and Kuramathi.