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Headline for Top Attractions in Nusa Dua – Entrancing Highlights for the Visitor
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Top Attractions in Nusa Dua – Entrancing Highlights for the Visitor

The locality of Nusa Dua in Bali offers many attractions for the visitor. Irrespective of your tastes or preferences there is sure to be something that catches your fancy in attractive Nusa Dua.


Devdan Show

The engrossing show called Devdan, the Treasure of the Archipelago is the highlight feature at the well-known Nusa Dua Theatre, offering an entrancing journey across the vast Indonesian archipelago. This theatrical performance includes a number of acts that are featured in an appealing storyline which follows a girl and boy who come across a magic chest containing objects that represent each of Indonesia's islands and cultures. This show features remarkable choreography involving skilled acrobats and dancers which provides non-stop action for viewers. In this show you will find many enthralling dance performances representing the many vibrant cultural groups of Indonesia. This show also features excellent sound and lighting systems.


Nusa Dua Beach

The appealing Nusa Dua Beach known in the local language as Pantai Mengiat attracts its share of holidaymakers. This pleasant stretch of beach is a great place to relax, unwind and spend carefree leisure hours. You will find that the local waters feature a reef break with the area close to the beach being clear and calm, making it a great location for snorkelling and swimming. On the other hand the waters further out to sea are a wonderful playground for surfers, with excellent conditions for the sport. You may also have the opportunity to see the fishermen of the area heading out into the expanses of the ocean in their wooden crafts.


Nusa Dua Islands

Interestingly it is the pair of islands found in the local seas that is the source of the name 'Nusa Dua' which means 'two islands' in the local language. The two islands are attractive places to explore featuring many appealing natural features. The picturesque southern island which is slightly the bigger of the two contains an expansive verdant field which has been used as the site for several international banquets and other events. However on other days it is a popular recreational site featuring a number of attractive shady pavilions and interesting monuments. You will also find a little temple on the island; another remarkable sight is the rocky hills where you will see the ocean waves crashing on to the limestone crags.


Museum Pasifika

The fascinating Museum Pasifika is always an interesting establishment to visit, as it contains a splendid selection of historical artefacts as well as artistic and cultural items created by more than 200 artists belonging to no less than 25 nations. Most of the works on display concern themes such as Balinese culture and the local lifestyle, with highlights such as the artworks of Nyoman Gunarsa, a local painter and those of Raden Saleh, an artist from Java. If you desire a meeting venue in Bali, an excellent choice would be the Bali International Convention Centre. This outstanding convention centre offers many useful facilities for outstanding conferences and meetings.


Bali Camel Safari

A camel safari will be a great way to explore the beach on Nusa Dua's Sawangan coast. Well-behaved and obedient camels will take visitors on a peaceful and enjoyable ride along Nusa Dua's splendid golden beaches. You will have the opportunity to choose from a number of different packages, some of which offer features such as lunch, additional excursions and water sports. If you happen to choose a package that features meals, you will stop for lunch at the attractive Geger Beach. Camel rides can be arranged for groups of two persons or more; you will be able to saunter along the beachfront in a caravan consisting of your family or friends.