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Our mission is to achieve transformational standards of excellence for the Indian school education system.

Why is early childhood education so important?

Education undoubtedly is important to build a strong foundation in your life and it determines the future success of your child. This is why early childhood education is so important. It plays an important role in helping your child learn and develop emotionally, socially and mentally.

Is public schooling in India beneficial for your children?

In the recent decades, we come across many families in India who prefer private or home-schooling over public education. This is because the public schools have got a bad reputation in recent years and people thing that educating their children in public schools is wastage of time and money. If you too think so, you should look at the following advantages that you can derive from public schooling.

Technology Can Make a Big Impact in Your School – Here Is How

Technology is present in more ways than most educators imagine. Today children are using it to communicate, socialize, explore and have fun; unfortunately technology is yet to find a central role in education. Perhaps there is a lack of conviction among educators that technology can actually help students learn better.

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Needless to say, education is beneficial every individual of all ages. It provides the knowledge and skills you need to become a productive and successful citizen. But when it comes to combating poverty, do you think educating people would help? The answer is yes. Educating people within poverty-stricken areas will help India to grow better and remove poverty and there are education donors in India who are working for it.

Early childhood education-why is it so important?

Education without a doubt is essential to assemble a solid establishment in every person’s life and it decides the future accomplishment of your children. This is the reason early childhood education is so imperative. It assumes a critical part in helping your kids learn and grow inwardly, socially and rationally.

The initial steps to start your training as teacher by Ratul Puri

If you’re one among them who still couldn’t make it out if teaching is worth giving a try or not, here are a few initial steps that will surely help you start your teacher training course. Just like school principal training, teachers’ training too is equally important to impart quality education.

Here are the ways to make the Indian school education system better by Ratul Puri

The education system of a country plays a vital role in the development of the individuals and country as a whole. And the Indian school education system is no exemption to this. If you want your children to grow as a better individual both personally and professionally, the education system should be improved.

How Private Players Are Ensuring the Right to Education for Children in India by Ratul Puri

Poverty entangles men in a vicious cycle that is very difficult to get out of. Since the poor and economically downtrodden do not have enough to make ends meet, they are hardly bothered with sending their kids to school. The outcome is not unbeknownst to us, it starts off an entire cycle of failure upon failure that saps life away and degrades the overall quality of life.

How helpful is pre-primary education in India?

Education is extremely important for every person to build a strong foundation of a successful life. And the first stro9ng step starts from imparting pre-primary education. Pre-primary education in India is really important just like it is in other countries. Why? We’ve the reasons below.

How beneficial is public school education in India?

There are many families in India who prefer home schooling or private education over public education. Wondering why? It is because the public schools are losing their reputation and most parents consider it to be wastages of money. However, in case you too think that you shouldn’t invest in public education, you may be surprised to go through the benefits given below that you can derive from it.

How Critical is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education undoubtedly plays a vital role in development of each individual life and also helps in shaping the future. This is the reason early childhood education is so important. It plays a significant role in helping your children learn and develop internally, socially and normally.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Teacher’s Training

In case you're one among them who still couldn't make it out if becoming a teacher is worth giving an attempt or not, here are a few things that you need to consider before enrolling into a teachers training course. You can get your training from the best teacher training institute in India, but prior to it, here are the things for you to consider.

In What Ways Does Early Childhood Education Helps?

Education Instruction without a doubt is essential to fabricate a solid establishment in your life and it decides the future achievement of the person. This is the reason early childhood education is so essential. It assumes an imperative part in helping your children learn and grow inwardly, socially and rationally.

India’s Right to Education

In 2009 the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE Act) was introduced and came in effect by early 2010. As per RTE Act, a child has free right to education if he is between 6 to 14 years of age in a school nearby till he/she completes elementary education.

With the help of RTE India, the enrollment and schooling progressed but the main problem that central and state government still faces is high rate of dropouts and low learning levels. Government has introduced so many programs which have really helped in primary school enrollments not just in big villages but in remote areas as well.

Is School System in India faulty?

Education is one of the most vital parts of our life; an illiterate person may not understand this but a literate person knows the real benefits of education. Education not only imparts us with knowledge but with social values as well. India’s population is young and it is the second largest higher education network in the world. In this article, we will read about why school system in India is faulty!

How Education Benefits Different Verticals of a Country?

Girls and boys, who learn to read, compose and count will give a superior future to their families and nations. With enhanced education, such a variety of different aspects of nation are emphatically influenced. To put it plainly, education has all the ability to improve the world a place.

Privatization of Education

Education in India has seen many swings from being a necessity of life to the status symbol. There was time when sending students to schools was not common but then time lapsed and people begin the schooling of their children. The step, which was taken to improve the overall growth of a child through sending them to schools, has now become a race to send students to the most ‘elite’ and ‘standard’ class of school.

Building Leadership Quality in Children

School is the foundation of a person; what a child learns and the way behaves is hugely influenced by his/her schooling. The school education in India needs to inculcate many changes in the system so that the overall growth and development of a child as a person improves. Education is more than textbooks and more than mere extra-curricular activities. The schooling of a child drives the entire behavior pattern, mental horizon, view of world and thinking process.

Challenges and Corrections to Impart in Vocational Education

Vocational education is the term used to connote skill based education which is specific to particular discipline and helps in imparting that occupation or job oriented education. This type of educati...

Weaving a Better Future for our Present – Child Education

The foundation of a country is its youth and to be more specific, the little minds who have imaginations beyond the existing possibilities and who, if molded properly, can carve a better future of the nation. The education of a child is the root to its personality and strings to the person’s future endeavors. However, a flawed and a slip in education of the child can leave gaps in the nation’s development and lead to lack of growth of the economy and society in whole.

Assuring education, Ensuring Quality

The right to education is not only the right to access education but it is about receiving quality education. In India where more than half of the population is still illiterate, it is very much important to focus not only in the availability and accessibility of education, but it should also be acceptable and adaptable. A quality education is today’s need as it the most powerful weapon to eradicate poverty and build a strong nation. Empirical analysis reveals a strong positive relationship between education and economic growth. India has a large population in the school going age of 6-18, which is more than 25% of the total population.