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Updated by Daphene Coleman on May 23, 2016
Headline for Latin America Independence Movements
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Latin America Independence Movements

Here is a listing of awesome resources for educators to use when engaging students in exploring the historical Latin America Independence Movements!




Wanted posters! This idea is definitely one for your visual and kinestheic learners! This allows your students let their creative spirits shine and be descriptive. It would help to differentiate by allowing students who have difficulty remembering the roles of the Latin American Independence Movement leaders by giving them a mixture of notes. That way, help is provided, but students will still need to organize their data and put their own spin to it!

Engage StudentsLike Never Before

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Latin American Independence Movements Jeopardy Style Review Game! Battle in a few rounds of jeopardy to see the great things that took place in providing independence for nations! This game can be used as an informal or formal assessment.

Independence Movements in Latin America: Examples & Impact - Video & Lesson Transcript |

This lesson will explore the 19th century Latin American revolutions. In doing so, it will highlight the roles L'Ouverture, Hidalgo, and Bolivar. Who doesn't benefit from interactive videos, lessons, and practices? This link has all three in one and can also be used as a WebQuest with the 'Course' link in providing extra fun facts for enrichment!

Explore the life of Fidel Castro and his lead in the Cuban Revolution with fun facts, videos, pictures, and more! I have actually used this link as a WebQuest and remediation source!

Latin American Revolutions: Crash Course World History #31

John Green talks about the many revolutions of Latin America in the 19th century.

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