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Updated by Fiona Beal on Jun 03, 2016
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Useful Google in Education posts this week #57

New 'Coding With Chrome' App Helps Students Learn to Code - OMG! Chrome!

A new Google app helps students learn more about programming with using web technologies.

12 Essential Chrome Extensions for Student Researchers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

After writing about some of the best textbooks on research methodology, today we are sharing with you this collection of useful Chrome extensions ideal for research students. We have tried to come up with add-ons that cover the different stages in a research process: apps to help you search for and curate content (Diigo Web Collector, Google scholar, Evernote Web Clipper, Save to Google Drive), apps that provide you with an enhanced reading experience (Readability, DocHub, Notable PDF), apps for taking notes ( Google Keep and Note Anywhere) and apps for bibliography and citations (EasyBib, Cite This for Me, Zotero Connector).

Creating A Google Map with Google Sheets |

Watch this tutorial as I show you how you can import data from a Google Sheet into a Google Map using Google My Maps in Google Drive.
You can collect data by using a Google Form that saves the data in Google Sheets. This tutorial shows you can import the state’s capitals into a map from a Google Sheet file. This can be part of an overall state project.

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Insert & Modify Charts in Google Slides

On Wednesday afternoon Google announced the release of a new feature in Google Slides. The new feature is the option to insert charts and graphs from Google Sheets. You can insert pre-existing charts from your Google Sheets or you can create a new chart or graph from scratch in your Google Slides. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to insert a chart into Google Slides and how to modify the chart.

Google Docs CHEAT SHEET!

This Google Docs Cheat Sheet will give teachers and students an overview of the NEW Docs Home Screen, as well as a good overview of the available features in the menu and toolbar. I hope you find this handy and useful!

Literacy 2.0: Becoming a search ninja

Knowing how to search and evaluate are two of the most critical skills. I search and evaluate sources multiple times every hour - not to mention each day. They are not only critical; they are often the most used.

However, it's something we take for granted that students - and other adults - know how to do effectively. This is typically far from the reality. When would students have had to the chance to learn these skills? When do we allow for it in the curriculum?

As a former English teacher, I can vouch for the fact that these tasks are often given to the English/language arts teachers. But, they are everyone's jobs. They are not unique to any teacher or subject.

With that in mind, I've compiled some of my favorite Google searching tips and tricks to transform you and your students into search ninjas. I've also begun adding some of my favorite sources for teaching Web evaluation to the list.

4Cs GAFE Interactive

GAFE Interactive Google Skills to Support the 4Cs Steve Wick - Twitter: @rechargeedu This interactive guide is designed to be learner-centered and focused on skills to enhance and transform learning in the classroom connected to the 4Cs in Education. The different sections of this interactiv...


End of the Year Suggestions
for Google Classroom.

Celebrating My Account's first birthday with improvements and new controls

A year ago today, we launched My Account, a hub that gives you quick access to controls for safeguarding your data and protecting your privacy on Google. My Account puts privacy and security tools in one place, including long-standing features like Ads Settings and newer ones like the Privacy and Security Checkups. Collectively, these tools make it easy for you to control your privacy and security from any device.

Participating in a Google Hangout Video Chat Cheat Sheet

End call Settings Adjust volume Turn on/off webcam Invite people Turn on/off microphone Invite more people Access/add more apps Draw: create artwork on screen Drive: access your files; instantly create shared document Capture: take a photo ...