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Updated by Hayley Jeffery on May 23, 2016
Headline for Paleo Meals: Get out of Your Cooking Rut
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Paleo Meals: Get out of Your Cooking Rut

It's almost dinner time.

You check the cupboards and the fridge again, wondering if you should reheat something or cook a meal from scratch.

Now that you eat Paleo, you're healthier but you're stumped when it comes to cooking meals that are interesting.

Keep reading, though, because boring meals are about the be a thing of the past.
There are loads of Paleo recipes on the 'net that'll make cooking something you look forward to again.

Here's a list of my favourite blogs, to get you started.


Nom Nom Paleo

Created by Michelle Tam, Nom Nom Paleo is a beautifully written blog.
Full of high quality and easy to make recipes, along with thoughtful posts about the Paleo lifestyle, Nom Nom Paleo is sure to become one of your favourite blogs for inspiration and recipes.


Robb Wolf

Written by Robb Wolf, the author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet, this blog is a must read.
Robb writes about various Paleo topics in depth, from the way that diet and hormones affect your sleep to recipes and troubleshooting the problems some people encounter while following the Paleo lifestyle.
He also has a handy (and free!) Paleo Food Matrix available, to help you create a variety of interesting and nutritious meals. Go check it out.


Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction (FED)

Tony at FED writes about everything from Paleo recipes to Paleo restaurant reviews.

He began following the Paleo lifestyle after developing problems with his knees when running.

He solved this problem by changing from modern running shoes to Vibram Five Finger shoes, which enabled him to run and train without pain and injury. After researching other ways he could improve his health, he discovered Paleo. And the rest, as they say, is history.

If you're looking for easy to read post that share tasty recipes and handy information, Tonys' blog is one you need to read.


Primal Palate

Created by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley, Primal Palate is packed full of amazing recipes.
Hayley and Bill are both devoted foodies and have written a book, Make it Paleo, to help people like you create beautiful meals at home.


Fast Paleo

Fast Paleo was created to collect and house Paleo friendly recipes from around the world.
You can find recipes for entrees, drinks, main meals and treats all in one place, so check it out if you need inspiration for your next meal.


Paleo Pot

Do you love making one pot meals? If so, then Paleo Pot is going to become one of your favourite sites.
They have a range of recipes available and even articles about getting the most out of a crock pot (including an article about making your own sous vide cooker!).
Go on, take a look.



Finding the inspiration you need to make your meals enjoyable and nutritious doesn't have to be hard.

Once you'be seen the recipes on the blogs above, you'll never run out of ideas again (and you're sure to find a recipe that makes your next meal amazing).

Have I missed any blogs? If you know of one that should be here, but isnt, let me know!

Image credit: Dan Edwards via Unsplash