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Updated by Media Structures on May 20, 2016
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5 ways to keep visitors to your event happy

Many of us routinely visit large scale events like a festival, a sports event or a gig. Despite the growth in availability of television channels and streaming services we still love to be entertained live and in person. Why is this the case? A live venue has so much more to offer. Proximity is an obvious reason - being there means we are sharing the moment with the artist and soaking up the incredible atmosphere. What can event organisers do to ensure visitors expectations can be met?




Above everything else, the safety of any viewing area is paramount and is an essential part of the planning of any event. With hundreds or even thousands of people at a venue, every eventuality must be planned for.


A great seat

Don't you always remember when you had a great seat, a clear view of everything going on, and no one bobbing about in front of you and getting in the way? A good event will have a great seating plan, views wherever your ticket takes you, and space to put your legs.



We all like watching survival programmes but the vast majority of us prefer to be comfortable. After driving to the venue and queuing to get in we don't want to rough it, we want to sit down on a comfortable seat and concentrate on being entertained.


Good for everyone

The ticket paying public will obviously want to have a good view of the event. What is also important is that the media get great access and views too. By pleasing both parties everyone is happy and you can ensure that those not able to attend the event get to feel they are part of things.


Weather proof

Weather proof

It's not always possible for an outdoor event to be accompanied by fantastic weather and visitors are generally very aware of this. Good event organisation will cover all eventualities however, so that those who need to be kept dry, or not have the sun obscuring their view are accommodated.