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Virtual Reality Game Trend Starts in 2016 with Oculus Rift

Virtual reality game headset has now been released to public, but Oculus Rift will not be the first virtual reality technology progress in this century.

GMC and Buick- The Leading Subsidiaries of General Motors

Introduction to GMC, Relation with Buick, GMC Sierra-Yukon-Silverado-Acadia Overviews, Quick look at the GMC Denali Package, Legacy of GMC Cars, The Image of

25+ Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List References for SEO

25+ Most Popular Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List, that are commonly used to create backlinks and gets an advantage in SEO rankings.

25+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List References for SEO

Provides 25+ social bookmarking sites list which have high metrics and highly recommended to get inbound links to support SEO

25+ Dofollow Profile Creation Sites List References for SEO

Provide 25+ Free dofollow high DA profile creation sites list for SEO Link Building, complete with sample page.

Some Great Tips On Oculus’ Virtual Reality Headset

The Oculus Rift has become the biggest names in technology, and that is certainly because it aims to be the first great virtual reality experience. Its main

Oculus Rift Public Release Brings Virtual Reality to Gamers’ Homes

Oculus Rift is finally released for public and already bringing excitements as the first actual virtual reality gadget despite its quite expensive price.

Acura NSX and Honda NSX as the Best Supercars to Come Out in 2016

Acura NSX and Honda NSX are the hottest supercars coming out in 2016, which combines high-tech features, comfort, and futuristic style.

Best Android Widgets for Improving Home Screen

Use useful Android widgets for volume control, system monitoring, and weather.

Best Shopify Apps for Personal Interactions with Customers

Shopify apps are available to embrace more personal interactions in conversation with customers.

Does Teespring Still Work?

Do Teespring and Facebook still need each other? Some people ask this question because there are many emerging new models of business as well as the marketing

2017 Chevy Bolt: The Interior Design and Features

Chevrolet is introducing its new product that is called 2017 Chevy Bolt, the all electric car which is suitable in this modern era

$20-Million Damage in YouTube Channel Dispute Revealed Problems in Deal Terms

YouTube-based entertainment business is soaring, with various channels and online celebrities becoming serious money-makers, but YouTube channel dispute

Link between Mobile Phones and Cancer: What Studies Found

link between mobile phones and cancer has been a part of long debates, as the studies conducted so far have come to inconclusive findings


TheAlmostDone provides tips and advice on better tech, social media and business news. Subscribe to our website and stay updated!

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Stylish Look Meets Performance in HP Envy 34” Curved AIO | Business & Technology update

During the last few years, you can see that Hewlett-Packard has extended its product lines, from Personal Computers to laptops and notebooks. However, PC units remain its major products. HP recently released its newest PC called Envy 34” All-In-One. As the name suggests, the 24” ultra-wide display is integrated with the CPU. Unlike conventional PC monitor that may look bland particularly from the back, HP Envy” AIO comes with a sexy design and looks great even from the back.

Corporate Policies is endangering the American Manufacturing Council

The American Manufacturing Council is basically the group of powerful peoples. They are responsible for providing the necessary advice to the current US president about the American manufacturing. But these days in the reign of the recently elected US President, John Donald Trump the league of powerful businessmen seem to be breaking day by day.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Art Gallery and Artists

Art gallery belongs to a big business in United States. Every artist and art gallery owner should have brilliant marketing ideas to bring high sales and drive branding. If you are an artist or a gallery owner that need to expand your brand, using the right social media marketing techniques may help you achieve the purpose effectively. Find the great strategies below. Website Optimization In today’s era, having a website is essential in doing any kind of business , including for an artist to have

The Long Awaited High End Radeon RX Vega Is Finally Launched

The day we have been waiting for is finally here. After two years of waiting, the highly anticipated new graphics card lineup from AMD, Radeon RX Vega, is officially launched.

Apple’s Swift Creator Joins Google After a Short Time at Tesla

Chris Latner has made an official announcement via his Twitter account that he will join Google Brain starting from August 21. Chris Latner is certainly not a new name in the world of information technology. He is the man behind Swift, Apple’s most successful programming language so the fact that he is now joining Google Brain is highly anticipated.

The launch event of Model 3 raised the capitals of Tesla in the Wall Street

Last week, Tesla launched its much-awaited Model 3 – luxurious electric car. In 2016, when CEO Elon MUSK unveiled the specifications of this car, Tesla managed to grab 325,000 numbers of reservations. And by August 2017, the numbers raised up to 455,000 reservations. Well, it is obvious for an electric car with amazing specifications and features to be in great demand.

The Advantages of Technology for Human Being

Technology is a word that we often hear in today's era. Technology is influence in human life. This shows that human development in harmony with the development of technology and otherwise. Even, technology becomes a benchmark to show the progress of the country. In the development of technologies can eliminate the age and the State line for its users.

This SmartDesk Can Be Your Assistant during Working

Do you work busily? When you work very busy, you absolutely need the role of assistant to help managing your work. The assistant is usually a professional staff. But, have you ever imagined that you have a desk for your assistant during working? It is like the controversial and innovative discover in working field. What is it? The assistant during working called SmartDesk. The smart desk can be your own loyal assistant at office.

Best Wearable Tech And Fitness Gadgets 2017

With the course of time technology has become a smaller, integrated and smarter in every aspect, tech wearing these days has become kind of a new trend. It may be either even apparel, smart watches and many others these tech wears are usually preferred to keep track on the fitness levels of our bodies.