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Ayurveda Therapies offered in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a deep rooted Ayurveda history with beautiful retreats offering holistic healing to many common diseases of today. Ayurveda can help you obtain a balance through varied treatment plans.


Oil Treatments - Head Massages

Head massage is one aspect of Ayurveda oil treatments. Here the skull is given an invigorating massage with herbal oils. This process helps in rejuvenating hair growth and also to darken locks. It is also a process which helps in healing any type of skull ailments.


Facial Massages

Ideal for curing all types of skin ailments a facial massage will heal overly dry skin, oily skin and pimples. The promise is a smooth complexion at the end of the treatment. Also soothing to facial nerves Ayurveda facial massages will keep you looking younger.


Foot Massages

Ayurveda foot massages mainly focus on curing kidney ailments. Shirodara is a technique that helps the body to relax focusing on curing migraines, mouth and eye problems and common headaches.


Ayurveda Body Massages

An Ayurveda body massage will heal your skin ailments and also help you lose weight easily. It is highly recommended for dry skin problems and soothing away aches and pains.


Herbal Baths

Herbs are first boiled after which the water is used for the customer to lie in. These age old mixes of herbs focus on healing disease affecting various parts of the body. It is also of a therapeutic nature with herb baths being a favourite for relaxing and rejuvenating body and soul. Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka are quite popular amongst tourist for its positive curative powers. There are many Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka offering holidaymakers a chance to rejuvenate tired and stressed out mind, body and soul. There are varied treatment plans such as 3 to 7 day healing plans and also 7 to 30 day treatment plans. There are varied packages like those offered by Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions to choose from.


Herbal Steam Bath

A herbal steam bath induces sweating which is a form of detoxifying your body of impurities. It is a beneficial treatment for reducing body weight and promoting overall good health.


7 to 30 Day Treatments

This session focuses on curing ailments, detoxifying and the balancing and strengthening of your bio energies. Panchakarma is a treatment that benefits in detoxifying and purification; hence it is a 30 day treatment. In order to reduce time, treatment are categorised for individuals to choose one that specifically benefits them. Choose from treatments aimed at the brain and neuro systems, psychological problems, insomnia, slimming and other rejuvenating methods.


3 to 7 Day Treatments

These specific 3 to 7 day treatments help in rejuvenating and bringing about a fresh change in your bio-energetic functions. Leaving you with a relaxed luxurious feel the compact treatments include stress relief, insomnia treatments, rejuvenating and bringing back a glow to your complexion and offers an improvement to your general health.