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10 Most Fascinating Zoos in the World

Often, zoos are not a noble place to visit and see animals behind the bars but there are some excellent zoos in the world which focus on animal conservation and severs them best nature to live. this list is about the best 10 such zoos.


Wellington Zoo, North Island, New Zealand

Wellington Zoo is New Zealand’s first Zoo, and Wellington’s oldest conservation organisation, caring for animals since 1906. The Zoo is a not for profit charitable trust, and has been that way since 2003. The Trust runs the Zoo on behalf of Wellington City Council.


Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

The Toronto Zoo houses 5000 animals from 460 species around the world. This zoo boasts some truly unique exhibits—such as camel rides, sting ray touch tanks. Plus, enclosures for numerous endangered baby additions like Gaur (a type of Indian bison), spider monkeys, Grevy’s Zebras, African Elephants, Greater Kudu (a type of antelope), Western lowland gorillas, and pygmy hippo. Not to mention many native animals to Canada, such as Grizzly bear, Moose, Wood Bison, raccoons, lynx, and cougar.


Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, Australia, of course the wildest and most adventurous zoo on earth would have to have been founded by none other than the late Steve Irwin, Australia’s Crocodile Hunter. The zoo encourages hands-on encounters with various snakes, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, tigers, elephants, as well as viewings of over 1000 different animals. Make a reservation if you really want to make the most of your day!

Yokohama Zoo, Japan

Yokohama Zoo “Zoorasia” is an unique zoo which employs as few fences as possible so that visitors can see the animals living in an environment similar to their natural habitat. The zoo is divided into zones of different climates such as Asian Tropical Forest, Subarctic Forest, Amazon Jungle, Japanese Countryside and African Tropical Rain Forest. There is also a grass park and the “Wanpaku Forest” with play equipments. The zoo also includes a closed facility, Yokohama City Breeding Center, which was founded with the purpose of researching wildlife and contributing to the preservation of rare species.

Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Welsh Mountain Zoo North Wales Snowdonia attraction. The National Zoological Society of Wales. Enjoy our Penguin Parade, Chimp Encounter, Sea Lions Rock and more.

Berlin Zoo, Germany

Zoologischer Garten Berlin is the most species-rich zoo worldwide. Zoo Berlin supports species conservation worldwide. You can not only check out the animals, but also celebrate birthdays and festivals or take part in guided tours with trained zoo guides.

Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia Zoo is a 42-acre garden that is home to more than 1,300 animals, many of them rare and endangered.

Bronx Zoo, New York City, USA

The Bronx Zoo is home to over 4,000 animals. Read up on all of the can’t-miss exhibits and activities before visiting the park.

San Diego Zoo, California, USA

Near San Diego’s downtown, you’ll discover the wonders of the world-renowned San Diego Zoo. This huge 100-acre spread is home to almost 4000 animals from 800 species. The grounds are grassy and hilly so many guests opt for the 35-minute guided bus tour, or they choose to hop on and off at certain exhibits. The zoo’s Elephant Odyssey is by far the most impressive and educational, tracing the species form the Pleistocene era (i.e. wholly mammoth) to modern day.

Basel Zoo, Switzerland

The Basel Zoo boasts one of the most successful captive breeding programs of endangered species in the world. The uniquely peculiar creatures here are not often seen in other wildlife parks around the world. In fact, the more than 600 species—including snow leopards, cheetah, Indian Rhino, flamingos, pygmy hippopotamuses, Somali Wild Ass, and okapi—would be proud that their zoo is considered among the top 7 by the Zoological Society of London for its successful breeding efforts.

Singapore Zoo

With more than 2,800 animals over 300 species, various thematic exhibits and edu-taining shows, the fun never ends at the world's best rainforest zoo!