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Molecular Sieves 3A

Molecular sieve is a material of crystalline metal aluminosilicates which having interconnecting network of zeolite and alumina tetrahedra.Molecular sieve are used as a desiccant and adsorbents. It is very small pores, while allowing small pores to pass; it is efficient to block large molecules. That becomes powerful adsorbents with having the strong adsorption capacity with water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other molecules less than its pore size.

 Molecular Sieve Desiccants For Drying The Inner Space of Insulating Glass

The molecular sieve 3A beads are widely helpful in drying the inner space of insulating glass, to help in protecting the insulated glass units due to its high water adsorption capacity and better-quality physical properties.

 Molecular Sieve Desiccants 3A & 4A Work for Solvent Drying

The number of ways is available to dry the range of solvents. Methanol, Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol, Di Chloromethane, Chloroform, Toluene etc. are some of the commonly used solvents that need to be performed drying or dehydrating process to get the pure solvents.

 How Effective Distillation Of Solvent With Help Of Molecular Sieve?

When distilling any solvent, molecular sieves accomplish this process of removing the water and impurities effectively. Molecular sieves are actually an alumino silicate crystalline structure that works in a drying and purifying process of liquids and gases.

 Ethanol Dehydration Process through Molecular sieve

Molecular sieve for Ethanol Dehydration Process requires high level of purity in the range of industrial and food applications. Type 3A molecular sieves are considered as the most effective type to dry ethanol.

 How To Remove Mercaptan From Petroleum Products?

Molecular sieve is widely used for the purification process of petroleum products. These products have strong compounds such as water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan that need to be removed to obtain the pure product.

 Most useful application of molecular sieve 3A

Molecular Sieve 3A is most selective type of Molecular Sieve and is commonly used in olefin crackers to dehydrate the feed stream before cryogenic separation of LPG.Some of its application is Refrigerant Drying,Natural Gas Drying,Drying of Kerosene & Jet Fuel etc.