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GAwards: Best Use of Gamification in Health and Wellness

This list is from 2012, but you can SAVE $50 on tickets to GSummit SF 2013 with code GAWARD2013 -- just visit Nominate and/or vote on your favorite health & wellness application that uses gamification. Once nominated, other users can vote on their favorites. We'll be announcing the awards at the Gamification Summit this June 19-21 in San Francisco. Email to receive a GSummit ticket discount code as a thank you for nominating and/or voting.

@active Trainer

Active Trainer makes it easy to set and track your goals, log your workouts, share your progress with friends, and earn badges for your activities. Trainer has provided couch potatoes and fitness buffs programs to get fit and prepare for endurance fitness events around the globe. The program has offered special achievements such as the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, in partnership with The White House.

@jillianmichaels |

Everyday Health and Jillian Michaels offer a gamified fitness and nutrition community to help participants reach their weight loss and health goals. You don't need to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser to reach your potential! Jillian Michaels online fitness program will give you the tools you need to lose weight and live the life of your dreams!

@Mindbloom | Life Game

Mindbloom is an interactive game that makes it fun, simple and effective to improve the quality of your life. Using a unique combination of behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques, Mindbloom takes a deeper approach to personal growth—enabling users to decide what’s important, discover what drives them, and take meaningful action in all areas of their life. Users can focus on any area of life—health, relationships, lifestyle, spirituality, finances, career—even creativity.

@meyouhealth Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge focuses on the whole person, asking members to complete small actions each day to improve overall well-being. The product uses gaming mechanics and celebration moments to encourage members to have fun while taking small, healthy steps toward a better life. Daily Challenge is also a social product, enabling members to connect with others, share best practices, and help improve well-being together!

@HopeLab: Innovative Solutions: Zamzee

The Zamzee device is worn on a belt or carried in a pocket, and it monitors physical activity throughout the day. Tweens can plug their device into a computer and upload their data to their online personal profile. This data is converted to points that can be redeemed for virtual goods and real-world rewards, including the ability to donate to a cause. Results show that kids using the Zamzee device and website were about 30% more active than those who did not.

@Keas - Employee Wellness Program

Keas is a website that employees use in the workplace. They get points, badges and achievements for completing tasks, and support their coworkers in their achieving their goals. People don’t cheat because they don’t want to hurt their reputation.

@Striiv Smart Pedometer

The Striiv Smart Pedometer with Activity Motivation System is a small touchscreen device that accurately tracks steps, distance, calories, stairs climbed and minutes of activity while motivating people to move more through virtual games, real-life challenges, goals and donation opportunities. Its recently-launched social features add a level of friendly competition by allowing friends and family to compete on challenges for chores (dishes done, car washed, etc.) based on who is most active. On average, Striiv users are active 90 minutes per day, walking 3 miles and climbing 12 flights of stairs.

Nexercise - Motivation for people who want to be in better shape

Nexercise is a mobile and social network platform that revolutionizes the weight loss & fitness industry through gamification.

Mobile Adventure Walks by Shinobi Labs

Treasure hunting meets everyday walking! The world is full of fun, bizarre, and hidden objects - and even ordinary objects that we mostly ignore. Mobile Adventure Walks allows players to explore and find visible treasures - anytime, anywhere!

The free-to-play iPhone app, is a cross between a treasure hunt and an everyday walk. The app asks questions about things that can be seen immediately around a particular location giving the player an opportunity to interact with their surroundings. The answers to the clues are not always obvious, and vary depending on the level selected.

Once a clue is solved, it unlocks the next spot, revealing the path for a chosen adventure walk.

Players can design their own walks, and share their creations with friends. User generated content will enable the games growth.

Mobile Adventure Walks, the first game from Shinobi Labs, is available in the iPhone app store.

Nike+ @nike / @nikeplus

For avid runners who want to take it up a notch. Tracks with GPS, takes splits, reminds you to run -- even remembers your PRs.

@fold_it | Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit

Foldit is a puzzle game developed by Zoran Popovic and David Baker in an attempt to crowdsource protein design research. Players of Foldit must reconfigure protein structures in order to find the lowest energy configuration possible. The project has progressed from volunteers donating their computers’ spare processing power for protein-structure research, to actively predicting protein structures, and now to designing new proteins.

@SlimKicker Calorie Counter and Level-Up Weight Loss Game

SlimKicker is a calorie tracker, and level-up program that turns your diet/fitness goals into a winnable game.