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Things You Probably Didn't Know about a Fitness Boot Camps

Fitness boot camp classes aren’t for the faint of heart.

Boot camps helps lose weight, get in shape and build self-confidence.

You get proven workouts with a challenging mix of cardio, interval and strength training designed specifically for women, so you quickly shed fat, build strength and feel great. Your results are guaranteed.

What is a Boot Camp for Women?

Attending a boot camp for women gives some women the opportunity to reach a higher level of physical fitness without the feeling of being in competition with men, who are frequently thought to be superior to women in strength and some other areas of physical fitness. Many women have also grown tired of ineffective workouts and weight loss plans and want to find a solution that can provide dramatic weight loss results without making unrealistic promises. Others may have simply realized that, in order to be successful with a weight loss program, they need some guidance and discipline from a trainer.

A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program.

A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program conducted by gyms, personal trainers, and former military personnel. These programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1 hour period of time. Originally popular in the US, they were brought over to the UK in 1999 and have been growing in popularity ever since.

Enter with a good, can-do attitude.

The workout will be challenging, but it's so important to continue to motivate yourself and keep your mind calm when your heart is racing and your muscles are burning. I try to smile and laugh to help release tension in my face.

Has a reputation for being supportive and friendly.

The bootcamp community has a reputation for being supportive and friendly in a way that pushes you to perform better than you might working out alone. According to research, when someone’s watching you workout you actually improve your performance by up to 25%, which is a real boost for the body.

The boot camp workout takes the military workout.

The boot camp workout takes the military workout out of basic training and into gyms and homes everywhere. This program strings together circuits of intense exercises, which you do for about 30 to 60 seconds each, pausing for only a few seconds between exercises. The idea is to build strength and endurance.

Boot camp make practitioners tougher and more self-confident

While people aren’t pushed beyond their physical capabilities, the intensity of the instructors and the underlying goal of rapid improvement help people truly believe they can change and improve, making them tougher and more self-confident as they see measurable results.

Boot camp trainers usually have tough demeanor.

You’re usually being led by a trainer that’s got a tough demeanor. Who’s basically not let you settle for less then you have. Now the important thing to consider is, is the boot camp instructor you’re choosing really still gonna allow for you to workout at a level that’s appropriate for you.