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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 10.05 - 16.05.2016
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 10.05 - 16.05.2016

Burger King: Facebook Messenger Bot Demo

Here is a quick demo of the upcoming Burger King Facebook Messenger Bot, which in all it’s glory will allow you to order on the fly without ever having to talk to a human. Just hit the bot up, tell it what you want, and it will guide you through an instant ordering process, before asking you what store you want it from, and processing the request.

Instagram Trends kwiecień 2016

Najważniejsze dane dotyczącego polskiego Instagrama tylko w Instagram Trends!

Dove's Smart Billboard Turns a Rainy Day Into a Gigantic Times Square Shower

Dove's Smart Billboard Turns a Rainy Day Into a Gigantic Times Square Shower

Spotify będzie teraz produkować własne materiały wideo

Spotify będzie produkować… własne materiały wideo. Czy Szwedzi rzucają rękawicę Netfliksowi?

Periscope to implement new save and search options, drone-based streaming

The Twitter-owned, live-streaming service Periscope is learning a few new tricks. It'll let you save and search broadcasts, plus stream from a DJI drone.

New Google News feature aims to ensure that you never miss a local story

Local articles sometimes get buried by content from national papers, but Google's launching new tags in Google News to ensure that doesn't happen.

LinkedIn Developing Its Own Version of Facebook Instant Articles?

Social networks gaining “inspiration” from features on other social networks is nothing new, and in the latest case, LinkedIn is reportedly developing its answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Axe finds its mentors

The Unilever brand launches a grassroots program as part of its overall move to celebrate modern masculinity.

Contiki’s YouTuber road trip

Why the travel company is teaming up with social media stars once again.

Lowe's: Can You DIY On Snap(chat)?

In the US, Lowe's are DIY retail specialists. Together with BBDO, they chose to use Snapchat for their new campaign, and have created a series of DIY projects

„Na barkach kapitana spoczywa wiele. Tylko nie łupież” – Robert Lewandowski ambasadorem Head & Shoulders (wideo)

Robert Lewandowski, kapitan polskiej reprezentacji piłkarskiej, dołączył do grona sportowców współpracujących z Head & Shoulders. Napastnik Bayernu Monachium został nowym ambasadorem marki.

Budweiser has a new name, and that name is America

Let's just get this out of the way quickly because you're probably not going to understand it the first time I say it: Budweiser is renaming its beer "America." The beer Budweiser will henceforth...

Amazon takes on YouTube with launch of Amazon Video Direct

Amazon unveiled its own plans to compete in the user-generated video market with the launch of a new service called Amazon Video Direct in a surprise..

Ad of the Day: Samsung's Digital Surfboard Shows Riders Tweets and Sea Conditions

Samsung has created a smart surfboard. The internet-connected sporting gear is the focus of a new ad from Leo Burnett Tailor Made, featuring Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina.  Obligatory footage of crashing waves give way to Medina striking out into the ocean, under supers lamenting the solitary nature of surfing.

Subaru Goes Stargazing in Dreamy Campaign Made With Canada's Royal Astronomical Society

Twinkle, twinkle, little car. Subaru Canada channels the magical feeling of a night drive beneath celestial lights in a new campaign from Red Urban.

Twitter Says Users Now Trust Influencers Nearly as Much as Their Friends

New research claims that social media influencers might have nearly as much clout as a friend or neighbor—and brands know how to harness these new household names.

Here Are the 10 Most-Viewed 360-Degree Facebook Videos by Brands

() Facebook's 360-degree videos have been around for about eight months, and marketers have been diving into the medium ever since.

These Data Visualizations Show How Facebook and Instagram Users Reacted to Prince's Unexpected Death

The world has mourned Prince Rogers Nelson since the musical genius' shocking death on April 21. The tributes have been ongoing for the artist, even as the investigation around his demise continues to generate buzz.

Why Items From Your Shopping Cart May Start Showing Up in Your Instagram Feed

The subtly creepy, slyly effective Facebook ads everyone has gotten used to—the ones that show unpurchased items left in the online shopping cart—are now coming to Instagram. To capitalize on the app's ecommerce capabilities, Instagram is introducing dynamic ads to the image-centric platform.

This site lets you control your social media profiles after you've died

An expert in death and social media recommends you start preparing for the digital afterlife right now.

Reebok Furylite, czyli innowacyjna promocja apką na Instagramie

Użytkownik klikając w kolejne zdjęcia wybiera kolejne fragmenty garderoby: buty Reebok Furylite, a także spodnie oraz bluzę z kolekcji Prosto Style.

Pedigree First Meeting - The Inspiration Room

Pedigree First Meeting, a commercial from Mexico featuring a first meeting between a dog and a man, 30,000 years ago. Spanish tag line: "Alimenta lo bueno"

Google proposes new set of emoji to better represent professional women

A team of four Google employees has developed a set of 13 emoji designed to better represent women in the professional world. In a presentation to the Unicode Consortium, the body that approves and...

Tumblr's new Labs program lets users test experimental features

Tumblr has launched a new program that will let its users text experimental features before they're made available as standard. The initiative — called Tumblr Labs — is available to any Tumblr user...