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Updated by Bob Dunn on Nov 04, 2017
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The WP eCommerce Show - Everything WordPress and eCommerce

This is my ongoing list of episodes of my podcast The WP eCommerce Show. It's filled with tips, interviews and so much more around WordPress and eCommerce. Check it out here and consider leaving a review on iTunes. Cheers!


A Look at Common Pitfalls for eCommerce Startups -

In past shows, we have talked a lot about how to start up your online store and have given you some great tips from several experts. But today we are going to focus on some of the common pitfalls for eCommerce startups. Of course, at the same time, we’ll give you ideas for how to …

How to Get Started with AdWords for Your Online Store

Learn how to decide if Google AdWords is right for you online store and get some tips on how to get started with using Google AdWords.

Pros and Cons of Using A Page Builder on Your WordPress Online Store

Should you use a page builder on your eCommerce site? It really depends. Robby from Beaver Builder gives us his own insights and tips.

Scheduling Social for Your Online Store or eCommerce Site

Learn how to automate your social media for your online store or eCommerce site using strategies and the right tools.

The Art of Product Package Design

Learn how your product package design must be determined by the physical and marketing aspects of your product.

Twitter for Online Retailers with Dustin Stout

We talk about Twitter for online retailers including strategies, auto DM's, sharing button placements and the products that work on Twitter

Helping Developers to Understand Your Customers Needs

Learn how Bluehost gives their developers first-hand experience with their customers to help them understand their needs.

The Combined Power of Sales Funnels and Facebook for Your Online Store

In this podcast we talk about some of the best ways to effectively use a sales funnel with Facebook advertising to increase your sales.

How to Find, Cultivate and Retain Influencers for Your Online Store

What should you look for in an influencer to help you sell your products? Danny Brown gives us his insights and tips on influence marketing.

Selling Coffee with WooCommerce Subscriptions

We are chatting with Camano Island Coffee Roasters about selling online, WooCommerce, online subscriptions and of course, coffee.

Why B2B Businesses Are Moving to a B2C Model

Learn why B2B businesses are now using B2C sales strategies and how they are increasing sales and customer interaction.

Why We Cut Our Email List by 60 Percent

We focus so much on growing our email list. But what about cleaning it up? It's all about quantity vs. quality in your email list.

How to Ensure That Your Videos are Selling Your Products

Chris Johnson from Simplifilm shares with us on how to make sure your product videos are representative of the products you sell online.

How to Manage Customer Relationships on Twitter with Gini Dietrich

Twitter is where your customers to rant or rave about your products. Learn how to manage your customer relationships effectively.

How to Set Up Marketing Automation for Your Online Store

As an online store owner marketing can be time and resource intensive. Learn how marketing automation can help you increase your sales.

Building a Community with Your Online Store. A Chat with John Jacoby.

Learn how your online store can benefit from having a forum or social community on your site.

Grow Your Online Store Traffic with the Lift Off Summit

Helping your find the right marketing channels to get your online store off the ground. 18 eCommerce experts to help you grow your traffic.

The Story Behind MOJO Marketplace with Brady Nord

Brady Nord, co-founder of MOJO Marketplace shares his journey, including challenges and insights into creating an online marketplace.

The Google Analytics Essentials for Growing Your Online Shore

How to start using Google Analytics as a store owner with specific eCommerce features and reports such as Shopping or Checkout Behavior.

How to Get Started with Shipping for Your Online Store with Robert Gilbreath

Robert from ShipStation shares with us some great advice on helping store owners tackle the challenge of shipping their products.

Grow Your List, Grow Your Sales with Pat Flynn

If you have an online store or selling other products, Pat shares his insights into list building with email, social and advertising.

Growing Your eCommerce Site with Conference Sponsorships

Devin Sears from Bluehost talks about conferences and WordCamps, budgets, swag, giveaways and your return on investment on our podcast.

How To Successfully Market Your Online Course with Troy Dean

Learn how to overcome the biggest challenge of running an online course, how to gain traffic and market it to the right demographic.

How to Brand Your First Online Product with Kim Doyal

In today's show we talk with Kim Doyal and discuss what you should consider when starting to brand your first online product and the challenges you may find.

How Courses Can Help Grow Your Online Store with Chris Badgett

As an online shop owner learn about the benefits of online courses for sales and customer relationships.