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Updated by Riverside Dental Spa on Sep 14, 2018
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Important Facts about All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’

All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ is a fantastic procedure for providing a new set of fixed teeth in a single day, removing the need for ill-fitting dentures. This revolutionary dental implant treatment can secure a full set of new teeth on a fixed bridge, removing many of the difficulties related to wearing dentures.

Here are some important facts about All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’:


Dental implants can be cleaned like natural teeth

As new teeth are permanently fitted into the jaw using implants, they can be cleaned just as you would natural teeth. Over time, it’s likely that you will forget about your implants as they feel so natural. However, regular cleaning is essential for good oral hygiene.


Implants are comfortable

Huge numbers of people live with uncomfortable dentures that affect their quality of life. All-On-4 dental implants don’t move or rub against the gums, so any soreness or ulceration that is common with denture wear is extremely unlikely.


Dental implants have a great success rate

After they are healed, All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ have a success rate of between 94 and 98 percent. For healthy people that do not smoke and practice good oral hygiene, the percentage is likely to be much closer to 98 percent.


All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ last a long time

Providing they are properly cleaned and cared for, this form of dental implant-supported teeth can last a lifetime. Over time, the crowns could wear or get damaged, just as is the case with natural teeth, but new teeth can be repaired or replaced should this happen, using the implants for support.


You can eat whatever you want with dental implants

Implant-supported teeth are the most natural-feeling solution to real teeth, so you can eat whatever you choose without having to worry about your implants loosening or breaking.


All-On-4 provides a full set of teeth with only 4 implants

All-On-4 provides a full set of teeth with only 4 implants

When it comes to traditional implants, between 6 and 10 implants are usually needed to provide a full set of teeth. All-On-4 on the other hand requires only 4 implants, which can be performed in a day and with less surgery than with traditional implants.


Stable implants are a great way of preventing the inconveniences of dentures

Dentures can easily become loose and slip around when eating and talking, which can be very embarrassing. With All-On-4 implants, this is not an issue as the new teeth act exactly the same as natural teeth, so the social embarrassment related to dentures is not an issue.


All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ are suitable for people that have worn dentures

Wearing dentures can have a negative effect on the jaw, wearing it down over the years. For the traditional dental implants and crowns, bone grafts are usually needed to build up the natural structures of the jaw, however, All-On-4 implants can be successfully secured even if there is some damage to the jaw bone.