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Updated by Anita Clark Realtor on Aug 29, 2020
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Perry GA Realtor Market Updates and Real Estate News

Consumers who are trying to find out Perry GA real estate market has been, what is happening currently, and where it is likely headed, will find what they seek in this market report list! For real estate buyers, investors, and sellers who are looking to buy or sell property in Houston County GA, specifically in the real estate market in Perry GA, and want to know more about this market, you will enjoy all this resource has to offer!

Check out all the details to determine if this real estate market is ideal for your particular needs.


Perry Georgia Real Estate Market for July 2014

The very latest real estate news and trends are now available for the Perry GA real estate market. You can find all the key details by clicking the link

Perry GA Real Estate Statistics for August 2014

For all you number will find plenty of data to preview to give you a better understanding of the real estate market in Perry GA.

Perry Real Estate Market in September 2014

Home prices remain steady but the number of property sales keep yo-yo'ing as consumers try to figure out the available market conditions.

Real Estate Report About Perry GA in October 2014

For all the real estate reports for this city, go here: For this month's report, you are already here. ;-)

Perry Georgia Real Estate Analysis for November 2014

Here is the Nov 2014 Perry Georgia real estate analysis you have been waiting for! With information for buyers, investors, and sellers alike, you are bound to find data you can use.

What are Perry Georgia Home Worth in December 2014

What are Perry Georgia Home Worth? This month they are staying steady with plenty of consumer activity to keep sellers happy.

Real Estate Report for the Perry GA Market in Jan 2015

Once again, Anita Clark with Coldwell Banker SSK, Realtors, has provided the most up-to-date information about the Perry real estate market. To check out all her blogs go here:

Real Estate Stats for Perry GA in Feb 2015

It is good to see home sales on the rise again but is it enough in this market? Peruse the information and make an informed decision...then you can make a smart choice.

March 2015 Perry GA Market Report

Is it the right time to buy? Should I be looking for rental properties? When should I get my home listed? The answers to those questions and plenty more are all covered in this market report.

How Much are Perry GA Homes Worth in April 2015

How Much are Perry GA Homes Worth this month? It depends on whether you are actively selling or not. Homes that are selling are going for nearly 97% of their asking price this month.

What is the Perry GA Real Estate Market up to in May 2015

It was good to see plenty of lower priced homes finally leave the market as new first-time buyers found what they were looking for in Perry GA in May 2015!

What are Homes Valued at in Perry GA in June 2015

Their value is based on whatever a buyer is willing to pay. It helps negotiations if sellers market price their property from the beginning too. For details to help all consumers, check out the latest stats.

Perry Georgia Real Estate Market in August 2015

If you are looking for the latest news about the Perry Georgia real estate market, this is the article you need to read. Sales are very good right now which means buyers are finding what they seek.

What are Perry GA Properties Worth in Sept 2015?

You can bet homeowners in Perry GA have been anxiously waiting for this report so they can find out how this market is shaping up. Buyers need to know too so click the link and find out.

What Can I Get for my Perry GA Home in October 2015

You are in for a treat this month as this issue of the Perry GA real estate report is loaded down with great information to help all real estate consumers. Do not take my word for it...go see exactly what I mean!

Should I buy a Home in Perry GA this month? November 2015 Report

With so few sales this past month I would say please do! Seriously, buyers just found homes in other parts of Houston County more to their liking this past month. Expect sales to go back up as there are plenty of pendings at the moment.

What's Up with the Perry GA Home Market in December 2015?

What's Up with the Perry GA Home Market this month? As you would expect it rebounded nicely with both sales and average sales prices on the rise. It is a good time to be part of the real estate market in Perry GA.

Real Estate Market in Perry Georgia in January 2016

January is normally a slower real estate month for this market and it was again this year. No surprises as both buyers and sellers took a mini-pause. Take a look at the numbers and see if it is time to put things in gear again.

Feb 2016 Real Estate Analysis of Perry GA

Spring is right around the corner but it looks like this market has already started to bloom! It is good to see a decent rise in sales as buyers found prices and properties to their liking this month in Perry GA.

March 2016 Home Review for Perry Georgia

Wondering whether you should join the real estate market in Perry GA right now? It really depends on your situation but if you are ready...why wait?

Home Sales in Perry Georgia in April 2016

Step-up and beyond buyers were out in force this month as the average sales price went way up. That was great as there was some older inventory it was good to see close. Check out the rest of the information for the Perry GA market here.

May 2016 Homes for Sale Market Report for Perry GA

There is ample inventory but it has started to dwindle because buyers were out in force and put a dent in the number of available homes. This market is going it the right one for you?

Real Estate Review for Perry Georgia in June 2016

Summer is here and a lot of families are moving. If you think the Perry Georgia real estate market is the right place for you, check out the statistics to validate your decision. I think you will like what you see!

Perry GA Real Estate Review for July 2016

Here is the July 2016 real estate review for Perry Georgia. This market report is full of useful information to help better educate consumers on the market conditions in this city.

Aug 2016 Real Estate Tips & Advice For Perry Georgia

Buyers, investors, and sellers who are curious what the real estate market in this city is up to will find everything they need in this month's report. Is it the right time for you to join the real estate market in Perry GA?