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Kathleen GA Realtor Market Updates and Real Estate News

If you are wanting to know where the Kathleen GA real estate market has been, where it currently is, and where it is likely headed, you have come to the right spot! For real estate buyers, investors, and sellers who are looking to buy or sell property in Houston County GA, specifically in the real estate market in Kathleen GA, you will enjoy all this resource has to offer!

Check out all the details and decide if this is where you want to call home.


Kathleen Georgia Market Stats for July 2014

The July 2014 market stats for Kathleen GA are now available. Check out the latest trends and see if it is the right time for you to enter this market.

Real Estate in Kathleen GA in August 2014

Looking to find out the latest news about this real estate market? You will not be disappointed as this Aug 2014 report has everything you need.

Kathleen Georgia Home Sales in September 2014

Here is your opportunity to review the real estate statistics for Kathleen Georgia. This Sept 2014 report provides current and future trends.

October 2014 Kathleen Georgia Market Review

Consumers who have wanted this question answered will not be disappointed. Take a gander at this market analysis of the Oct 2014 Kathleen GA real estate market.

Kathleen GA Homes for Sale in November 2014

You asked for it, you got it. Here are the latest Kathleen GA homes for sale as well as general information about this market.

Homes Sales in Kathleen Georgia for Dec 2014

If you are looking for the latest real estate news for Kathleen Georgia, it does not get any better than this. Check out all the available reports here:

Jan 2015 Real Estate Market Report for Kathleen Georgia

Is it the right time to enter this market? Not sure? See all the details in the Jan 2015 real estate market report for Kathleen Georgia.

Kathleen GA Home Review and Analysis: February 2015

Sales are on the rise again in Kathleen Georgia. Does that mean you should enter the market or wait? This review of the market should help answer that question and many more

Market Analysis of the Kathleen Real Estate Market in March 2015

If you are ready to enter the Kathleen GA real estate market, this report will provide quality analysis to give you a birds-eye view of what is going on.

What are the April 2015 Kathleen GA Home Values?

The latest home value report for Kathleen GA has just hit the streets. The information you need about this Houston County GA market is literally just a click away.

What's Up with Kathleen GA Homes in May 2015

Fortunately, local real estate agent Anita Clark has provided the answer to this question as well as a thorough analysis of the current market conditions. For even more local real estate information, check out her blog at

Kathleen GA Market Preview for June 2015

This market preview of the real estate market in Kathleen GA is chock full of data to help you make an informed real estate decision. Enjoy!

Are Home Values on the Rise in Kathleen GA?

In this month's real estate review, a look at home values, list price to sales price ratios, time on market, and several other key real estate indicators are analyzed.

What is the Latest Information about the Kathleen GA Real Estate Market: September 2015 Edition

For the latest information concerning the Kathleen GA real estate market, all you need to do is click and read. Enjoy all the information about this market.

October 2015 Home Prices in Kathleen GA

While home prices will be discussed, this report has much more information to help buyers, investors, and sellers make smart choices.

Market View for Kathleen GA in November 2015

This market view has some surprising numbers this month as sales fell way off in Kathleen GA. Is it time to act? React? Wait things out? Let's take a look and see.

Kathleen Georgia Property Values in December 2015

The winter months are always a good time to enter the Kathleen GA real estate market. Take a look and find out why that is true.

Property Values in Kathleen GA for Jan 2016

There is no time like the present to check out the property values in Kathleen GA. It may be the right time to enter this market and either find your dream home or sell your existing property.

Latest Real Estate News About Kathleen Georgia: February 2016

That's right, here is the latest real estate news for this smaller Houston County GA community. Sales continue to there any end in sight?

What are Kathleen Georgia Home Values Like in March 2016

They are holding steady! Sales continue to climb as does the average sales price. It sure looks like a great time to enter this market for both buyers and sellers.

Kathleen Georgia Home Analysis for April 2016

What Are Kathleen GA Homes Worth in April 2016? This month's home analysis provides the answer and gives plenty of other pertinent real estate information about this market.

Kathleen GA Property Review for May 2016

After several months of increased home sales, this past month there was a slight dip. No reason to be alarmed...check out the report to find out why.

June 2016 Kathleen GA Real Estate Home Review

I know you have been waiting for the Kathleen GA real estate home review. Your wait is over as the latest version is now available on the Web. Check out the information and plan to get busy in this real estate market.

The Value of Homes in Kathleen GA in July 2016

A quick scan of this month's market report for Kathleen Georgia shows why this is a popular place for new buyers. Will the lack of fresh inventory affect this market heading into fall? Let's see...

Aug 2016 Real Estate News and Statistics for Kathleen GA

If you are interested in knowing the latest details about the real estate market in Kathleen Georgia, this is the report for you. Both buyers and sellers will benefit from the information...check it out!