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Updated by Gabriel Anthony on May 06, 2016
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10 Best places to visit around Kalutara – The Greatest Attractions of Kalutara

Kalutara, one of the main towns in Kalutara District in Sri Lanka's Western Province, is a town with a unique identity that got its name from the "Kalu River" that flows through the entire district.


Kalutara Beach

Sri Lanka has a reputation for its pristine beaches, and the Kalutara Beach does justice to this reputation. Considered to be one of the finest beaches in the Western Province, this golden sandy beach has stunning scenery and has a relaxing ambiance. The beach is also a great place for all sorts of water sports.


The Kalutara Bodhiya

The Kalutara Bodhiya is the most iconic religious landmark in Kalutara. Located on the Southern end of the Kalutara Bridge, this landmark is one of the few places in Sri Lanka that almost every traveler passing by stops to offer a few coins in return for merit and safe travels. The bodhiya is Sri Lanka's only hollow stupa in Sri Lanka, the interior of which is ornately decorated with painting and traditional art.


Brief Garden

This one is for those who enjoy nature and landscaping. The Brief Garden was designed by Bevis Bawa, the brother of the celebrated Geoffrey Bawa, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Sri Lanka. Combining creative landscaping with beautiful aspects of nature, the garden offers an extraordinary scenic and serene experience. One of the most recommendable Kalutara hotels is the AVANI Kalutara Resort.


Richmond Castle

This 19th Century mansion is one of the most popular attractions in Kalutara. The two storey tall structure, with a unique fusion of English and Indian architecture, mirrors that of an Indidan Maharajah's palace. Standing on a 42 acre estate with beautiful gardens, the Richmond Castle is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing attractions in Kalutara.


The Kande Vihara

The Kande Vihare is one of the most popular Buddhist temples in Kalutara. Dating back to 1734, this revered temple boasts stunning architecture, as well as all the features of a traditional Buddhist temple. It is a great place to visit to understand cultural and religious background of the Kalutara folk. The splendid statue of Lord Buddha in a seated position is one of the highlights of the temple.


Calido Beach

Although not nearly as popular as the Kalutara Beach, the Calido Beach is a great place to visit. The relatively small strip of beach is located between the Kalu River and the Indian Ocean, and is known for its beauty, scenery and seclusion.


The Fish Market

Technically located in Beruwela, which is in the Kalutara District, the Kalutara Fish Market is one of Sri Lanka's busiest fish markets. It is a great place to visit to observe the culture of the fisher-folk in Kalutara, and is also the best place to get the freshest catch in the whole district.



If you thought the Brief Garden was beautiful, then Lunuganga is sure to be a hit with you. Lunuganga was the site of the country home of celebrated architect Geoffrey Bawa, who treated it as an experimental lab for his ideas. The amazing architectural structures and inspired landscaping is a sight that you simple must witness!


Pahiyangala Caves

Also known as the Fa-Hsien Caves, these caves are considered to be some of the oldest caves in Asia. The caves were also the sites of many discoveries of the remains of pre-historic men, which date back almost 33,000 years! It truly is one of Kalutara's most significant archeological landmarks.


Turtle Conservation Project

Located in Kosgoda, Kalutara, the Turtle Conservation Project is one of the initiatives taken to protect the endangered turtles of Sri Lanka. Here, one can witness first-hand turtle hatchlings and learn a lot of interesting things about the fascinating lives and behavior of turtles.