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Top 5 Beaches to Go Scuba Diving In Sri Lanka – scuba scenery

Sri Lanka is not a land meant for cultural aficionados alone. When you travel around the country, the immense stretch of beaches will tell you another story. Sri Lanka is very much for scuba-divers.



Hikkaduwa's shipwrecks are the bonus feature for any scuba diver. When you stay somewhere such as Galle Heritage Villa by Jetwing, it will take approximately 17 kilometres to reach Hikkaduwa's surfing paradise. Plus, you will get to see plenty of coral reefs and tropical fish underwater. They will offer you an exciting experience as they swim just past you. In Hikkaduwa, safety is absolutely guaranteed with professionals always keeping an eye on you.



Kalpitiya is home to an amazing marine haven. Located in northwestern area, Kalpitiya is well known for its cluster of islands. Tourists are slowly getting familiar with this beach as an ideal spot for scuba diving. But avoid the season between May and November as Kalpitiya experiences southwest monsoon. You will meet a wide range of tropical fish and colourful coral reef thanks to clear waters of Kalpitiya beach. To enjoy the most of the Kalpitiya beach, stay at a luxury villa in Sri Lanka located in the area at least for a few days.



When you travel towards the southeast coast, you will find this small remote hamlet called Kirinda. The awe-inspiring village is attracting crowds because of its beautifully formed rocky beach. On the rock formations of the beach, you can see a Buddhist shrine famous among the locals. As for scuba diving, the beach shelters a large reef area of about 40 kilometres. Not to mention its wide variety of fish such as tuna and gray sharks. You will also come across shipwrecks in the area. All that guarantees an exciting diving. Take time and explore them. You will have an experience like no other.



If you ask someone who has been to Sri Lanka a number of times what Weligama is they will tell you that it is a fishing village. That speaks a lot for its scuba-friendly atmosphere. Most travelers have known Weligama for a long time as a safe haven for diving and snorkeling. In the reef, you will also find some small caves. These caves are teeming with fish and more reef. Get in touch with the fishermen settled in the village to get more interesting information about scuba-diving here. They will not only enlighten you with essential tips, but also would make your day with interesting anecdotes linked with the Weligama beach.



Whatever scuba skill you have, the Trincomalee beach will offer you a never-felt-before experience of scuba diving. Its soft sand and the rocky formations pose somewhat a threat to first-timers. If you are a first-timer, don't worry least about it. There are professionals, whom you can rely on. Here too you can find shipwrecks, probably more interesting than anywhere else, because they belong to the Second World War period. The most famous one out of the lot is the British aircraft carrier Hermes.