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10 Things To Do in Pemba – Adventures in Zanzibar

As one of Zanzibar's coveted island getaways, Pemba is an activity base ideal for leisure travellers as well as adrenalin junkies. From diving to jungle treks here are the island's best activities.


Go Diving

Often regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the region, visitors would truly be amiss if they do not experience a diving expedition in the popular holiday capital. Home to verdant underwater coral gardens occupied by more than 400 species of fish, the best time to head beneath the blue in Pemba falls between the months of May and November. Top diving hotspots include Misali Island, Uvinje, Fundo gaps, Unguja and Njao.


Visit Pemba's Landmark Oil Factory

As one of Pemba's most unique distilleries, the Pemba essential oil factory located in the area on the outskirts of Chake Chake produces some of the area's most coveted commodities. No ordinary oil manufacturing plant, this sprawling national enterprise creates some of the best natural oils in the market. From aromatic clove oil to cinnamon or lemongrass oils, visitors can not only explore the factories distilling processes but also pick up a few bottles to take home.


Experience Snorkelling

A dream come true for those with a flair for exploring the submerged landscapes lying beneath the ocean's surface, the area around Misali Island are some of the best snorkelling hubs in the archipelago. Littered with vibrant fish species and delicate coral reefs, the snorkelling opportunities off the coast of this scenic island in Pemba are truly mesmerizing.


Witness Pemba's Flying Foxes

Housed within the Kidike sanctuary, witnessing one of Pemba's indigenous fruit bats at close quarters is a unique opportunity travellers should not miss on a visit to the island paradise. Located near Ole village the conservation centre is home to a massive populace of flying foxes in spite of the project's small scale operation and community run feel.


Uncover Pemba's Archaeological Hotspots

Lined with historic sites and archeologically valuable areas, visitors should not miss the chance to explore these relics in detail. Must-visit highlights include the Qanbalu ruins in Ras Mkumbuu where a mosque dating back to the 10th century is found, while the Mkama Ndume palace and the ruins of Chwaka are equally fascinating archaeological sites.


Explore Chake Chake

Home to the Pemba Museum, Chake Chake holds the distinct honour of being Pemba's biggest township. Ideal for a day trip, visitors can not only explore the town's local eateries the likes of Balloon Brothers but also visit the town's iconic museum which documents the island's maritime and archaeological heritage.


Visit Vumawimbi Beach and Discover the Ngezi Forest

Regarded as one of the most glorious beaches in all of Pemba, a visit to Vumawimbi Beach is a must for all travellers vacationing in the Zanzibar archipelago. Serene and tranquil, this beach area bereft for hotel developments is also located within close range of the verdant rainforest known as Ngezi Forest where a quaint lake, local wildlife and bird species are found.


Indulge in an Encounter with Local Black Magic or Voodoo

With witchdoctors at every turn Pempa is the ideal venue to experience the black magic art known as Voodoo! From spiritual cleansing sessions to reading one's future, a meeting with a mganga will leave visitors bewildered to say the least.


Enjoy a Spa Day

Visitors based in a Pemba beach hotel such as the AVANI Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa can sign up for a luxurious and relaxing spa day at the hotel's spa facility. From rejuvenating facials to aroma therapy and massage sessions the choices are endless when it comes to indulging in a spa day in paradise.


Soak Up the Atmosphere

When surrounded by such staggering beauty visitors should not forget to simply take their time and enjoy the breathtaking beach laden atmosphere of Pemba and its scenic corners. Take a step back and witness the slow pace of life in the island and take the time to go for a walk on the beach or talk to locals and spend the day on "island time".