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Best Places to Visit in Guangzhou – Attractions and Landmarks that are Must-See

Guangzhou is the largest and capital city of the Chinese province of Guangdong that is rapidly developing into one of China's hubs in transport, industry and tourism.


The Canton Tower

Standing at 600m above street-level, there is no other building that defines the Guangzhou skyline like the Canton Tower does. This engineering marvel, with its unique "twist in its waist" is one of the best places to visit, as a climb to its observation platforms gives you views of the city like you've never seen it before! It even has a fancy rotating restaurant, exhibition halls, and many other amazing features.


The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

Dating back to 537, this Buddhist temple is one of Guangzhou's most iconic temples. The temple gets its name from the fact that the entire temple compound is surrounded by old Banyan trees. The temple itself is known for its amazing architectural and aesthetic features, and contains many amazing pavilions, ancient statutes, breath-taking prayer halls, and a host of ancient artifacts. To enjoy the comforts of one of the great serviced apartments Guangzhou has to offer, make a reservation at the Somerset Riviera Guangzhou.


Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park is one of Guangzhou's most popular wildlife attractions. The vast park is home many fascinating creatures in their natural habitats, such as Giant Pandas, Bengali Tigers, Giraffes, and many species of birds. Safaris are done in cars, and even on a train, at this park. All in all it's a great place for a day with wildlife.


Chimelong Paradise

If you want to head out to an amusement park while in Guangzhou check out Chimelong Paradise. This awesome amusement park boasts of being China's largest amusement park, and is home to a wide range of thrilling and adrenaline pumping rides such as the Dive Coaster, the Giant Frisbee, the Motorbike Coaster, and lastly, but certainly not the least; the 10 Inversion Roller Coaster.


Shamian Island

Shamian Island, located off the coast of the Liwan District in Guangzhou, is one of the most beautiful locations in Guangzhou. The island was a historic landmark as it played a role in facilitating trade, however, today it is a beautifully planned location with many beautiful buildings, quiet open spaces, and a few attractions. It is truly a great place for a stroll.


Guangdong Provincial Museum

This museum is a great place to visit to understand the heritage and culture of Guangzhou. The museum has a large collection of items dating back to the ancient times, and showcases them in elaborate exhibition halls. Ancient ceramics, document with ancient Chinese calligraphy, works of great artists from the past, and even art of modern artists can be seen here.


The Sacred Heart Cathedral

This Roman Catholic cathedral located in Guangzhou serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Guangzhou. It has the reputation of being the largest Gothic church in China, and its architecture is simply stunning. Even the interior of the church is known for its awe-inspiring beauty, which is only complemented by the spiritual ambiance of this great cathedral.


Baiyun Mountain

The Baiyun Mountain and its accompanying park are very popular owing its scenic value. The location has six designated scenic areas, each offering different views of beautiful mountain ranges, rolling hills, luscious plains, sparkling rivers, and many other breath-taking natural features. Hiking and outdoor enthusiasts will love it.


Guangzhou Opera Hall

This architectural wonder is one of the best opera houses in the region. The Guangzhou Opera House itself is a dramatic structure, and the performances it hosts are more so. Praised for its amazing acoustics and immersive ambiance, the Guangzhou Opera House is a must visit location for all lovers of opera and theatre.


Qingping Market

The Qingping Market is one of the busiest markets in Guangzhou, as it is a great place to buy fresh produce. Vendors with many fresh fruits and vegetables and street foods and snacks gather here to give you a wide selection of things to buy. The market is also one of the best places in Guangzhou to buy Chinese herbs.