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Indigo Bay Tex

Indigo Bay Tex is a manufacturer of prime quality Sleeves, Aprons and Gowns. We have established a trusted network worldwide. A perfect combination of quality, stability, satisfaction & price is the specialty of Indigo Bay Tex. We deal in an unmatched safeguard wear line which is far better when compared to disposable PVC. See more at

Industries Sanitation & Healthcare Industry Aprons

Indigo Bay Tex is a leading medical aprons manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Our Healthcare Industry Aprons are better than disposable aprons.

Polyurethane Food Industry Apron

Indigo Bay Tex is a manufacturer of premium-quality Polyurethane TPU aprons for Fish, Seafood, Meat, Poultry, Vegetable and other Food Processing Industry. Contact Now!

Food Processing and Tpu Belly Patch Apron

Indigo Bay Tex offers high-quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane Belly Patch aprons, perfect for food processing and commercial fishing industry. 100% virgin TPU.

Polyurethane Die Cut Aprons

Heavy-duty polyurethane TPU die cut aprons for food processing industries like Fish, Seafood, Meat, Poultry, Fruit,Vegetable etc. 100% Recyclable and Non-Toxic Aprons.

Protective Aprons Manufacturer

Indigo Bay Tex is a world-class manufacturer of protective TPU Aprons, Gowns and Sleeves. We are wholesale and bulk apron suppliers in Canada, USA and across the world.

Chemical Aprons Safety

Indigo Bay Tex offers best Chemical Resistant Aprons. Resistant to Chemical, Acid Splashes. Our safety aprons are 100% Waterproof and machine washable.

Quality Assurance TPU Products

Indigo Bay Tex offers High Quality biodegradable, non-toxic & recycable products like Polythrene Apron, Gowns and sleeves at afforadable rate.

Indigo Bay Tex Offers High Quality Eco-Friendly Apron Across the World

Indigo Bay Tex Offers High Quality Eco-Friendly Apron Across the World. Indigo Bay Tex offers premium quality TPU aprons, gowns and sleeve in across the World.

Highly Comfortable Top Quality Industrial Aprons at an Affordable Rate

A garment that is mainly used for the purpose of protection to cover the front portion of the body is termed as an apron. The materials used for making an apron vary according to the profession where it is to be used. In many professions, an apron is a part of the uniform. It is mainly used for protecting the cloth from the damage caused by bleach, harmful chemicals as well as food processing materials.

100% Virgin Polyurethane Aprons for Industrial Safety Use

Indigo Bay Tex offers high quality Die-Cut Aprons, Adjustable Aprons, Belly Patch Aprons, Food Processing Aprons etc.

Why to Choose Reusable TPU Aprons over Disposable, PVC Aprons?

Given document describes the benefits of using TPU aprons over PVC aprons.

How are TPU Industrial Aprons, Gowns, Sleeves are Better than Disposables/PVC?

TPU industrial aprons, gowns and sleeves offer long-lasting usage as they are made from 100 percent virgin polyurethane. They are designed to be comfortable to wear and have good resistance to abrasion and puncture.

Food Industry and Fish Processing Gowns

Leading supplier of top-quality Polyurethane gowns for fish processing Meat, Poultry, Fruit, Vegetable and other food Industries. Our Gowns are 100% Biodegradable

Reusable Polyurethane Apron

Find various designs, cuts, patterns of adjustable and reusable aprons at Indigo Bay Tex. Our heavy duty waterproof aprons are made from 100% virgin TPU. Enquire now!

In a world where people are increasingly turning to convenience foods, it is but natural that food manufacturing firms are thinking of ways in which they can enhance food safety while maintaining costs that do not break the bank. There are many different ways in which food safety is retained in an industrial setting.

For a Safe Food Processing Environment, Choose Indigo Bay Tex

Indigo Bay Tex is among the World's noted manufacturers of industrial protective wear line, used throughout food processing, health care and sanitation industries. It's unique selling proposition lies in  Die-Cut and Adjustable Aprons, Gowns and Sleeves that are cent percent environmentally friendly. It is committed to offer protective wear line with the winning combination of top quality, comfort and price; when compared to disposable PVC through Neoprene & Hycar it is always the better choice...

TPU Aprons - Safety gear designed to shield the wearer from chemical splashes

Heat and flame resistant aprons are essential when working around chemicals, sparks or flames; in any industrial settings, you need to ensure the safety of your workers for uninterrupted work flow.

Why Indigo Bay Tex?

We are committed to a positive environment for all, our employees age with us, our clients stick with us, and our product is at its finest because everyone under our roof cares for one another.

Many times, we hear about workplace accidents that sometimes turn out to be extremely hazardous for the workers. It is important for the employers to choose the best type of protective clothing for their workers to ensure their safety and security.

Why Become a Distributor With Us?

Start your business with Indigo Bay Tex leading businesses in our sector with a sizable base of satisfied clients. Our products are affordably priced, reusable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable.

Custom and Personalized Aprons for Men and Women

Order now for our customized aprons by industry options. We serve a biggest collection in style, sizes and color ranges of custom printed apron for your worker/staff.

The Advantages of Indigo Bay Tex. TPU Polyurethane Material

Not all Polyurethane materials have the same qualities, properties or chemical resistance. Indigo Bay Tex. TPU Polyurethane material is the workhorse of polyurethane materials. It offers excellent strength and long-term stability. In general, Polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in many different applications all over the world. As its mechanical properties can be isolated and creatively manipulated, different performance characteristics can be created in order to manufacture unique materials that rivals no other. At Indigo Bay Tex. we use our own distinctive polyurethane material, made according to our specifications, in order to answer the unique work environmental challenges our customers face.

Best Quality Industrial Safety Products in Canada

The Endeavor line is made of 100% virgin premium polyurethane (TPU), which enable us to offer you an industrial protective wear line superior to all other lines in the market – from disposables PVC & Vinyl through Hycar & Neoprene.