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Updated by Susan Stephenson on Jun 19, 2020
Headline for Children's Book Week Australia 2017 Book Suggestions
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Children's Book Week Australia 2017 Book Suggestions

A list I'm compiling of books that can be used with the Australian Children's Book Week 2017 theme, Escape to Everywhere.

Children’s Book Review, On the River

Escape on a journey along the Murray, in On the River. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Molly and Mae

"Molly and Mae are friends who are going on a long train journey. We are caught up in the joy of being a child about to start an exciting journey - running around, playing hide-and-seek, exploring all the vending machines, and other giggly, giddy fun. Once the journey starts, we see Molly and Mae’s antics begin to pall on other passengers, until finally, like over-wrought kids everywhere, they get annoyed with each other and slump into boredom." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, That Car

What I loved most about That Car is that it celebrates play and imagination. We had a rusting car next door when I was a kid, and it became our vehicle of choice, cubby house, picnic spot and fort. So the fact that the children journey off around the (imaginary) world in their car really resonated with me. Children will respond to the way Kennedy plunges them immediately into different scenarios. No need for tedious explanations when you play!
Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, The Selected Adventures of Bottersnikes and Gumbles

Great fantasy, set in the Australian bush, with characters (Gumbles) that must** escape** from their enemies, the Bottersnikes. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, Azzi In Between

"Azzi and her parents are in danger. They have to leave their home and escape to another country on a frightening journey by car and boat. In the new country they must learn to speak a new language, find a new home and Azzi must start a new school." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, Look, a Book!

"Look, A Book! You never know where it might take you. When two ragamuffins stumble across a book in the dust their world begins to change. The familiar becomes fantastical, the mundane becomes magical, and a fractured community finds a focus. Set in a dreary, underprivileged, contemporary world, Look, A Book! is an exhilarating whirl through the magic of imagination that leaves the reader in an vertiginous trance." Read about it at The Book Chook.

Book Review, The Turners, in Books for Older Readers 2016

Fun and exciting chapter book with escape scene. "You'd think that growing a tail in the middle of the school library would be the worst thing that could happen to you, but Leo is about to discover that things can always get worse - and a whole lot weirder. Now, as he discovers an unthinkable family secret, Leo must team up with his infuriating older sister to escape snake-skinned henchmen, ancient shape-shifters and a whispering villain determined to feed him to a pack of genetically engineered killer pigs - all while trying to control his new shape-shifting powers. " Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks

Kids can escape into one of Australia's National Parks virtually! "I enjoyed dipping into the book and found myself frequently surprised by the information inside - have you ever heard of a turtle frog? Over 120 animals are in the book and it includes a section on insects too. Kids will love identifying favourite animals, marvelling over species that are new to them and discussing which is the fastest, deadliest, ugliest etc." Read more at The Book Chook.

Book Review, Jaguar Warrior

"From the moment I waited inside that box with Atl, I plunged into an adventure that had me breathless with excitement, concern, fear, and anger. I ran with the children as they sought to escape their determined enemy, The Captain, and willed them to succeed in their mission. Any child who is looking for a riveting story with characters he can relate to, packed with action, need look no further. Jaguar Warrior has it all! "
Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma

"I admit to having a great weakness for children’s books about chooks, but surely everyone can see that Mr Chicken is a really cool and whacky character. He also reminds me a lot of myself - off to travel somewhere new? Step 1: read all the books you can on the subject. Step 2: try to learn the language. Mr Chicken also shares my enthusiasm for trying all the wonderful new flavours and textures in a new country’s foods!" Read more at The Book Chook.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Enhanced e-book: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce - The book that inspired the Academy Award–winning short film.

Children’s Book Review, On Sudden Hill

A children's picture book that touches on the power of using imagination to "escape", the limitless possibilities of play, friendship and acceptance. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, Imagine a City

Another book that celebrates the power of imagination! Read about it at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Miss Mae’s Saturday

Next year’s Children’s Book Week theme in Australia is: Escape to Everywhere. Here’s my first book to start the 2017 resource list! Mae loves when Grandma visits and they go on adventures together. But one Saturday it rains, and Mae looks glum until Grandma suggests they can go on an adventure right at home with a cardboard box. By the power of imagination, their box transforms into jeep, aeroplane and space rocket as they visit Africa, Korea, even the Moon! Escape to everywhere indeed. Read more at The Book Chook.


"The drawings are lovely, softly coloured cartoon-style pencil sketches I think, and occasional panels also introduce the fauna and flora encountered. There’s a mud map of Uncle Egg and Clance’s journey and so much detail and fascinating stuff for children to pore over." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Tales from Outer Suburbia

What is the illustrated book, Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, all about? There's so much for older kids to think about and discuss in this great collection of stories. Read about it at The Book Chook.

Mechanica: A Beginner's Field Guide

Welcome to the world of Mechanica. This beautiful picture book, created by Brisbane-based illustrator and author Lance Balchin, is an encyclopedia of Mechanica creatures with a fictional narrative. Review coming soon.

Aquatica: A Beginner’s Field Guide

Welcome to future Earth. Despite repeated warnings, the environment has become polluted to such an extent that many areas of the globe have become uninhabitable and wildlife is now extinct. From the ashes, a new style of ‘wildlife’ is created. Wildlife that will not remain harnessed by humankind. Review of Aquatica coming soon.

Children’s Book Review, Circle

What is the children's picture book, Circle by Jeannie Baker, all about?

A Child of Books

A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers, Sam Winston, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, Sam Winston, 2016. A beautiful, poignant and timely manifesto for the myriad rewards of reading and sharing the enjoyment of stories.

Children’s Book Review, I’m Australian Too

Some people need to escape from very real danger, and books can help us understand this. I'm Australian Too also celebrates diversity, multiculturalism and dreams. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Reviews, Mechanica and Aquatica

What are the picture books for older readers, Mechanica and Aquatica all about? These two books will enthral visual learners. Read more at The Book Chook!

Walker Books Australia and New Zealand

Publisher: "Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero by Francesca Armour-Chelu, 2016. First in a chilling adventure series about a sinking world. Perfect for readers of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl." The Book Chook: "Some wonderful escape scenes as well as a fully realised and detailed dystopian world. The second book is Fenn Halflin and the Seaborn"