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Star Wars Mashup Essays

A collection of Quora essays featuring Star Wars and other Universe mashups.

In The Force Awakens, was Han Solo's death pathetic?

Force Awakens was just like A New Hope, but at least Obi Wan went out fighting. Couldn't there have been a more meaningful or satisfying way Han Solo could have died?

Can a Lightsaber cut through Adamantium?

Cut through Marvel's Adamantium? Lightsabers can't even cut everything in their OWN universe.

What is the strongest fictional metal or material?

Star Wars has a plethora of superhard metals in their movie franchise, of which Mandalorian Armor is just one.

Would Superman (from the animated series and JL) be cut by a light saber from Star Wars?

Only if it were powered by Green Kryptonite, otherwise he just uses it to shave...

Would the Hulk be an acceptable Sith apprentice?

The Hulk as a Sith Lord? Forgettaboutit!
The Hulk could never be a Sith Apprentice, never mind a Sith Master.

What exactly is the difference between dark energy and the Force?

Dark Energy is a force which is theorized to be expanding the Universe, causing everything to fly apart. The Force is a mystical, psychic phenomenon able to be used by a number of alien species for exotic paranormal effects.

Who would win, a single Celestial or all of Star Wars?

If the entire technological might of the Star Wars Universe (including both Death Stars) was gathered into a single place, able to be harnessed with a super-computer which could enhance and improve the targeting between every ship in the Star Wars Universe, and every Jedi and Sith master who had ever existed were gathered together in single time, one of Marvel's Celestials should still be able to solo this battle without breaking a sweat.

Our Warm-up to Partisan Politics

Fandoms engage in mock battles at conventions, Star Wars vs Star Trek. Pet shows have online forums where one pet lover openly mocks the other. Comic discussions online boast some of the most brutal, cruel and often insane conversations even though all of the creations are completely imaginary and their imaginary struggles can no more be defined than the number of angels able to dance on the heads of pins...