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Top Museums in Manila – Troves of History, Art and Culture

Being the capital of Philippines, the bustling city of Manila is a vibrant tourist destination & the hub of Philippines' political, cultural and economic activity, making it a lively & exciting city.


The National Museum

Also known as the Museum of the Filipino People and National Art Gallery, the National Museum of Philippines is probably the only museum that offers a comprehensive and insightful look into the rich heritage of the Filipino people. Boasting a wide collection of some of the most significant artifacts, documents and works of art that helped shape the Philippine's current identity, culture and art. Some of the highlights of the National Museum include the legendary Manuggal Jar, Hidalgo's The Assassination of Governor Bustamante, Luna's Spoliarium, and a collection of awe-inspiring sculptures from the 17th Century.


The Mind Museum

Manila's Mind Museum is without a doubt one of the most fascinating museums you will ever visit. Predominantly a science museum, the Mind Museum showcases various interactive galleries on geology, the universe, space travel, the earth, nature, atoms, and so many more cool scientific features. These exhibits, which incorporate cutting edge technology to give you a truly immersive and mind-blowing experience, are sure to be loved by the kids. Thus, the Mind Museum is a location where the whole family can go for an educational, yet entertaining, experience. For comfortable accommodation in a Manila hotel in Makati check out the Berjaya Makati Hotel.


Jorge B. Vargas Museum

The Jorge B. Vargas Museum is one of the most popular museums in terms of contemporary art. Although the museum boasts a permanent collection of art by great artists such as Felix Hidalgo, Vincente Manansala, Fernando Amorsolo, and even Jorge B. Vargas, this museum regularly showcases contemporary art by the likes of Manny Garibay. Thus, the Jorge B. Vargas Museum is a great place to visit if you are interested in contemporary art of Manilia and want to learn more about the current artistic trends of Manilia's up and coming artists.


Ayala Musuem

The Ayala Museum is probably the most iconic museum in Manila owing to the wealth of artifacts it holds. Its primary attraction; "Gold of Ancestors: Pre-Colonial Treasures in the Philippines", showcases some of the rarest and priceless gold-works, jewelry, and other precious items that were part of the Philippine's pre-colonial past. Other priceless artifacts showcases as the Ayala Museum include ancient ceramic artifacts, priceless vases and ornaments, and even large & to-scale models of olden ships and boats used in Manila. A walk through this amazing museum is akin to walking through the heritage of the Philippines, thus it is great place to visit for anyone interesting in learning about Filipino heritage.


Metropolitan Museum of Manila

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is another great museum that gives you the opportunity of taking a peak at the Philippines' rich heritage. The collection at this museum includes all manner of artifacts that retell the stories of Filipino history and culture. Works of art dating back to the 8th Century, gold and other valuable artifacts from the pre-colonial days, various items and documents used in ancient commerce and trade, and priceless collections of pottery and sculpture are just a few of the many amazing things you will get to see while at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.