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Updated by Marti Gardner on May 04, 2016
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Popular attractions in The Entrance – Where to go to get the best The Entrance Experience

The Entrance, located in the state of New South Wales of Australia, is a resort town that thrives on tourism that boasts great beaches perfect for water activities with vast open spaces and lakes.


The Entrance Beach

This beach is without a doubt the most popular attraction of The Entrance. With perfect conditions for all manner of beach activity all year round and surrounded by some of the hottest landmarks in the town, The Entrance Beach is absolutely a must-visit attraction. The waters are good for some water sports; in fact the beach has been known to be a great destination for boating and sailing enthusiasts. There are also ample facilities to rent out catamarans, aqua bikes, sailboards, and surfing equipment. If you do happen to go to The Entrance Beach make sure you hang around for the daily 3.30pm pelican feeding.


The Entrance Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are generally a great place to have a good time, make some quality purchases, and understand the culture of a location. The same is true of The Entrance Farmers Market. It is held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month, and gives its visitors the chance to buy some of the freshest produce and snacks, the niftiest crafts, and unique indie and contemporary art, all while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the market. It truly is a fascinating cultural affair. Of the many The Entrance hotels in town, one of the most recommendable is the Oaks Waterfront Resort.


The Entrance Skate Park

This professionally designed skate park is one of the most popular attractions amongst the teens and younger crowd at The Entrance. With enough ramps, railings, and half pipes to do all the tricks and stunts you want, this park is sure to a hit with adrenaline junkies and skating enthusiasts. But just because you don't skate doesn't mean you won't be welcome here, as the park has now become a space for BMX enthusiasts, scooter pros, and roller blading!


Wyrrabalong National Park

Covering a vast 597 hectares, the Wyrrabalong National Park is a haven for wildlife and nature. Home to many endemic species of flora and fauna, this park is has many amazing features such as amazing rock formations, coastal cliffs that offer great views, and luscious forests and plains. The park's wildlife profile includes both land and marine species such as bandicoots and goannas. All in all this national park is ideal for those who like trekking, hiking or spending time in the great outdoors.


Tuggerah Beach

There is no denying that Tuggerah Beach is one of The Entrance's most popular attractions. This pristine and secluded beach stretches out for nearly six kilometers completely undisturbed, giving it's a visitors all the sun and sand they could possibly need for all manner of frolicking! It is unfortunate that such a lovely beach isn't that safe for swimming, but if you want to have fun the beach, or relax and chill out while working on a tan, then Tuggerah Beach is truly one of the best attractions in The Entrance.


The Lookouts

The Entrance also has several lookouts that offer breathtaking views. One such lookout is the Wyrrabalong Lookout; a cliff at 132m above sea level and offers stunning photo-ops. Another popular lookout is the Crackneck Lookout; which gives its visitors a glorious view of Bateau Bay from a height of over 270m.