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Lighting Ideas

Spotlight On Lighting

With expert technical advice and the latest dazzling designs, this guide will inspire you to update your lighting scheme.

Your Guide to Common Light Fixtures — and How to Use Them

Get to know pot lights, track lights, pendants and more to help you create an organized, layered lighting plan

Get Turned On to a Lighting Plan

Coordinate your layers of lighting to help each one of your rooms look its best and work well for you

Pick the Right Pendant for Your Kitchen Island

Don't settle for bland builder-grade pendant lights when you can have your pick of colors and kinds to match your kitchen's style

How to Get Your Kitchen Island Lighting Right

Here are some bright ideas on when to use chandeliers, pendants, track lights and more

Get Your Home's Recessed Lighting Right

Learn the formula for how much light a room needs plus how to space downlights, use dimmers and more

The Case for Switching to LED Lightbulbs

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to LEDs but don’t know enough about them, this story is for you!

Pendant Lighting 101

With a full spectrum of shades, styles and colors, pendant lights wrap practical function in a pretty package

How to Choose the Right Solar Lights

Learn about different types of outdoor solar lights, where to use them and why you might want to avoid the bargain bin

Change Up Your Bedroom’s Look With Pendant Lamps

When table lamps seem snoozy or you want to save space, bedside pendant lights are a bright idea

10 Ways to Get Your Lighting Right

Learn how to layer table lamps, floor lamps and overhead fixtures to get the lighting you need and the mood you want

Alluring Lighting for a Traditional Dining Room

Show dishes in their best light and set a beautiful mood with classically elegant chandeliers, sconces and pin lights

Get the Lighting Right: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

See How These Great Interiors Found the Right Lighting Solutions

A Beginner’s Guide to Lighting in Layers

Discover the secrets of combining light sources to create richer-looking and more flexible living spaces

Recessed Lighting 101

Looking to brighten a drab, dim space? Recessed lighting may be your answer. Here's what you need to know

See Your Home in a Whole New Light

These designer tricks and tips will help you find the perfect mix of lighting for every room and every mood

15 Ways to Create Drama With Light Fixtures

Use lights as artful decorating elements, and watch them draw attention for more than their ability to illuminate

8 Ways to Get Ambient Lighting Just Right

See clearly, boost energy and create the mood you want with these tips for harnessing natural and artificial light

Universal Lighting Design Strategies for 4 Key Home Areas

Brighten the way for eyes of any age with ambient and task lighting that supports safety and imparts beauty

Design Workshop: Cool Lighting Tricks

We turn you on to pro lighting strategies to highlight features, create intrigue and make the most of indoor and outdoor rooms

The Case for a Glow-in-the-Dark Home

These fanciful, fun and functional ideas will have you lighting up your home in new and unexpected ways ... and not just at Christmastime

Get Your Light Right for a Healthy House

Homes that are too bright at night and too dark during the day are ruining our health. Here's what you can do

Welcome the Winter With Mood-Enhancing Lights

Relish the prospect of darker evenings with statement lighting to illuminate and inspire

Decorating With Antiques: Set the Stage With Lighting

Complete a vintage scene or create contrast with lamps, sconces and chandeliers that have traveled through time