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Updated by Tom Kelly on May 04, 2016
Headline for Balance Wellness Juices – Refreshing, Revitalizing, and simply Delicious
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Balance Wellness Juices – Refreshing, Revitalizing, and simply Delicious

Located in the northernmost end of Thailand is the city of Chiang Rai with extremely serene locations owing to its breathtaking scenery and calming ambiance ideal for a wellness retreat.


Refresh and Revive

With mint, lime, ginger and honey as vital components, this wellness juice is one that is sure to be a hit among lovers of juices that not only replenish the body, but also aid in attaining complete bodily wellness. This unique concoction has great rehydrating properties and is therefore ideal to be sipping on during the hot afternoons of Chiang Rai. But hydrating is not the only trick this juice has to offer; it is also a great cleanser of the body, ridding it of all toxins. This wellness juice is also great for those with digestion problems, as the unique ingredients ensure ease of digestion, boosts metabolism and even causes the burning of fat!


Shape Reviver

Shape Reviver is one of those wellness juices that not only tastes amazing, but packs quite a punch where wellness is concerned too. Comprising pineapple, green-apple, ginger, lime and honey, this wellness juices captures the tastes of exotic Thailand. The juice also has great health benefits, such as detoxifying, cleansing and revitalizing the body. The combination of the ingredients also creates a cocktail that helps with digestions, and is even believed to strengthen the immune system. A great spa resort Chiang Rai has to offer where wellness juices and many other wellness facilities are provided is the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.


Pure Green

Are you suffering from Diabetes or high blood pressure? If you are, then Pure Green is the juice for you. This blend of spinach, green apples and cucumber, coupled with lime and honey, has the unique ability in reducing blood sugar rates and controlling blood sugar, making it one of the most effective wellness juices on offer in Chiang Rai. But that's not all; Pure Green is also loaded with omega-3 fats and antioxidants giving it anti-aging properties and is great for enhancing the health of your body and mind.


Energy Booster

There is no better way to start the day than with an Energy Booster that not only refreshes and rehydrates the body, but also makes you more lively and energized. The sweet mix of watermelon, mango, and lime, makes it an excellent drink to have before commencing your activities for the day, as it will leave you with plenty of energy. The juice's ingredients are also known to promote better skin and enhance the health of your eyes.


The Rejuvenator

This wellness juice is truly one of a kind as the benefits it offers are truly amazing. Loaded with vitamins and minerals to act as an alkalizing remedy, the Rejuvenator's mix of pineapple, celery, lime and honey makes for one heck of a wellness juice. Its benefits include aiding digestion as well as boosting one's vitality. The Rejuvenator is also known for having a calming effect on the nervous system, thereby helping those who consume it to feel relaxed and at ease. With is great taste and numerous health benefits, the Rejuvenator is definitely a juice to try out on your path to wellness.