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Updated by Kristine A Greenwood on May 03, 2016
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Successful Negotiation With Landlord for An Office Lease

There are lots of conditions which office space tenants think about in the course of the office space lease negotiation stage .

Nine Ways to Negotiate your Rent

If you're facing a rent increase at your current apartment or the prospect of paying too much for a new place, why not try haggling.

What to Know Before Selecting the Office Space of Your Dreams

Purchasing a commercial space to support a growing business can be a smart decision, but first examine the company's future and the alternatives.

10 Key Factors When Negotiating the Best Office Lease for Your Startup

10 suggestions to help you become more lease-savvy and negotiate a favorable office lease for your startup company.

How to negotiate your first office lease.

This articles outlines the main considerations for startup companies when negotiating and signing a lease for commercial office space.

Successful Negotiation Tactics for Your Office Space Lease: Part 1

When you lease commercial office space, the process included negotiating with the property owner to establish what will be contained in your lease. Having a basic knowledge of the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to save money will make the task much less arduous for you and your tenant representative.

3 Tips for Negotiating a Commercial Office Space Lease

Similar to  commercial real estate purchases, commercial leases are legally binding contracts with many parts. The length of lease can range from 7-8 pages, to as long as 40 pages, depending on who writes it. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo to decipher for any business owner. Not to mention, the variety of confusing clauses based on the specific property type.

5 Keys in Negotiating an Office Lease

While the process of negotiating a commercial lease can be stressful for most business owners or decision makers, keeping these five factors in mind can help entrepreneurs avoid some of the most common mistakes:

Independent Representation Ensures your Best Interests are the Priority

We have significant experience providing independent advice on leveraging your position to find the premium property solution for your organisation.