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Current Issues In Education

Here are some of the current issues in education

Should Struggling Students Repeat a Grade?

At first glance, grade retention may look like old-fashioned common sense: Fail the year? Just do it over!

Are Traditional Grades a Thing of the Past?

Some say traditional grading systems don't show what a student really knows. Hear what one school is doing about it.

Gender Gap: Why Boys Can't Keep Up

Boys are falling behind girls in school performance. What's behind the boy crisis, and how can parents and teachers help?

Is Play on its Way Out?

For an increasing number of children, play just isn't taking place, and the consequences for child development may be severe.

Academic Preschools: Too Much Too Soon?

"Academic" preschools that promise to prepare kids for the cutthroat world of kindergarten are becoming more and more popular. But are they a good idea?

Is Your Child Getting Enough Physical Education?

Here's how you can make sure your child is getting enough physical education.

Kids in After-School Programs Make Academic Gains

Learning After 3 P.M.: California students benefit from after-school programs.

Saving Kids from Stress

Facing fierce competition to get into top colleges, many students are compromising their health and values to get ahead. Experts are even seeing stress levels increase at the elementary school level. Some educators are working to reduce the pressures on students.

How Can Teachers Help Students With ADHD?

Education World explores ADHD in a five-part series.

Bullying Intervention Strategies That Work

Bullying, according to noted expert Dan Olweus, poisons the educational environment and affects the learning of every child. Learn what you can do to keep bullying behavior from poisoning your school. Included: Practical tips for changing the behavior.

Stop Tolerating Zero Tolerance

StarrPoints: Zero-tolerance policies damage more children than the weapons they purport to protect them from.

Is Year-Round Schooling the Answer?

Do year-round schools enhance student learning, or are they a costly, hectic, and largely ineffective cure for the nation's educational ills? Those involved in year-round schools -- school superintendents, specialists, researchers, teachers, and princi...

Prevent Cheating

Experts offer workable strategies to curb student cheating.

Smaller vs. Larger Classes

Teachers, parents, and students all say smaller classes are better, but will smaller class sizes really lead to enhanced student performance?

Activities for the Last Days of School

Trying to squeeze in last-minute learning? Get ideas for keeping kids focused.

Science or Soccer? -- How Important Are Extracurricular Acti...

Some research suggests that extracurricular activities can benefit all students. John H. Holloway, a consultant with the Educational Testing Service, explains those benefits for Education World. Included: An extensive list of online resources for explo...

Back-to-School Guide for Beginning Teachers

This Back-to-School Guide for Beginning Teachers offers a virtual survival guide for educators about to begin their first year.

Do Schools Give 'Equal Grades for Equal Work'?

When is a B really an A? When you live in a school district with high academic standards and tough grading policies, according to some Connecticut parents who want their kids to get more A's. Those parents blame the school district's high standards for...

Have Computers Forced Handwriting Out of the Picture?

Computers have demoted the second of the three Rs, some educators say. Instead of teaching the loops and swirls of cursive letters, teachers point students to the letter r on the keyboard. Not all educators and handwriting experts agree on whether or w...

Homeschooling: Examining a Growing Trend

A growing number of families are choosing to homeschool their children. Education World examines the pros and cons of this trend.

Outdoor Games for Kids

Add a little structure to outside play with these outdoor games for kids. They're a great way to encourage teamwork and work out all-important motor skills.

Using Technology | Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom

The use of personal portfolios for assessment and presentation long has been a component of higher education. In fact, personal portfolios are a graduation requirement at many colleges and universities. Now, electronic portfolios have begun to enter the world of K-12 education as well.

Dealing With Angry Parents

Savvy school leaders put out fires before they become infernos.

Can Adults Praise Children Too Much?

Some say too much praise can hurt kids -- plus praise pointers!

New PE Trend Stresses Fitness and Fun

Schools are shifting from competitive games to lifelong fitness activities.