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11 Must See Attractions in Hai Pong – Discoveries in Vietnam

Regarded as a slice of "true" Vietnam, Hai Phong is a city that embodies its home country's identity perfectly. Littered with engaging attractions here are some of the town's top tourist hotspots.


Cat Ba Island

Tipped to be one of Hai Phong's most popular island getaways, Cat Ba Island is a must-visit attraction of truly breathtaking proportions. Littered with tropical forests and stunning beaches, the island is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam. Open to visitors all year long, this tropical paradise is a swimmer's haven while sampling seafood delicacies and enjoying the island's breathtaking natural wonders are key activities.


Municipal Theatre and Municipal Theatre Square

Occupying pride of place in the heart of Hai Phong, this entertainment powerhouse is affectionately known as the Great Theatre owing to its proud heritage. Built as far back as 1904, the classic structure with its French architectural influences is not only a grand theatre complex with the capacity to host 400 spectators but also a cultural epicentre complete with its own square, water fountains and garden.


Bao Dai Villa

As the palatial residence of the country's final emperor, visitors touring Hai Phong should not forget to tour the summer palace known as the Bao Dai Villa. Situated at the summit of Vung Hill, the Bao Dai Villa was constructed as early as 1928. Housing a resplendent throne the venue also showcases regal clothing and other royal relics.


Hang Kenh Communal House

Better known as the Nhan Tho Communal House, this iconic landmark is a structure most visitors will come across on a vacation in Hai Phong. Built as far back as 1717 the locale served as a communal housing scheme for Kenh Village and is now an active temple. Some of the structure's noted features include its sculptures, woodwork and its pillars of ironwood while the venue also hosts countless festivals throughout the year.


Do Son Beach

Beach lovers will relish the chance to experience the sandy Do Son Beach located 22km from the heart of Hai Phong. Located in a famous resort hub where affluent colonial and Vietnamese citizens spent their holidays the beach is a recreational hotspot like no other.


Hai Phong Museum

Housed within an imposing Gothic style building the Hai Phong Museum is one of the city's oldest landmarks and cultural institutions. Established in 1900, the museum not only documents the city's illustrious past and legacy but also explores the town's significance as a harbour city.


Du Hang Pagoda

Set up in the 17th century, the Du Hang Pagoda is one of Hai Phong's most sacred Buddhist temples. Spacious and exquisite, the temple features a bell tower and a stunning pagoda while a host of Buddha sculptures and gardens are also found within the grounds. A large number of Bonsai trees and ancient relics also adorn the property to which visitors must enter with modest and respectable clothing suitable for a religious setting.


Museum of Military Region III

Established in 1969 the Museum of Military Region III is another culturally significant institution in Hai Phong. Highlighting the country's struggle against invading foreign forces from 1945 to 1975, the museum displays an impressive collection of weaponry and bombs used in historic battles.


Nghe Temple

Situated near the Municipal Theatre, the Nghe Temple is no ordinary religious space in Hai Phong. Connected to the legacy of the city's founder Le Chan the temple serves as a reminder of the bravery of national heroines the likes of the Trung Sisters. Home to exquisite examples of stone work the temple is frequented by locals as well as tourists.


The Colonial Quarter

A charming precinct full of the memories of a bygone era, Hai Phong's Colonial Quarter boasts some of the city's most remarkable structures. Showcasing their classic French influences and European leanings, this area of the city is a wonderful place to get lost in the threads of time. Visitors based at the Somerset Central TD Hai Phong City or at other conveniently located providers of accommodation in Haiphong will have easy access to the area.


Tam Bac Lake

Situated near the Colonial Quarter, Tam Bac Lake is a recreational area that is revered by nature lovers from home and abroad. Ideal for spending a quiet afternoon with family, the tree lined banks of the lake feature walking trails while the eastern section of the lake hosts a flower market known as Quan Hoa.