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2 Powerful Home Remedies For KIDNEY STONE PAIN RELIEF

Kidney Stones causes severe pain, try these powerful home remedies for KIDNEY STONE PAIN RELIEF.

Kidney stones are painful disorders that affect humans. They are basically crystalline mineral like material that is formed either in the urinary tract or in the kidneys itself.

They are masses of mineral salt deposits, filtered through the kidneys and expelled via urine. The earlier kidney stones are treated, the better it is for the individual. Many people who suffer from kidney stone pain can experience a lot of discomfort in the abdominal region. Sometimes it becomes so unbearable that they would require immediate medical attention. Kidney stones can also be termed as ’Nephrolithiasis’.


What are floaters:- Eye floaters appear as small moving objects in the field of vision specially while looking at a plain or bright background (like the sky). These eye floaters appear as black dots or lines or thread like strands or ring shaped. Most of the times they do not interfere with the sight but occasionally if the floater is large it may cast subtle shadow over vision.

Eye floaters are caused by a protein called collagen. The eye is filled with a gel like substance called vitreous humor. Over the time this vitreous and collagen fibres shrink and shred and float around in the vitreous gel and are thus called as floaters.

How To Get Rid Of FACIAL HAIR With Home Remedies

Home remedies for REMOVING FACIAL HAIR is something women look for. Most women do have some hair growth on their face. Facial hair growth can be a big concern for women, affecting their mental frame of mind. If the growth of hair increases, it looks awkward and affects how they look, making them feel embarrassed ashamed. Hormonal changes give rise to this problem.
Everyone has hair all over the body except the eyeballs and nails. Women have hair on the face like men, but it is soft fine hair. It is very embarrassing to have unwanted hair growth especially on the face for women. Older women have hormonal changes due to menopause, and their oestrogen levels change this is also a big reason for excessive facial hair growth. Other reasons could be problems in the ovaries like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).Sometimes use of particular medications can also lead to facial hair growth.


People suffer from an excruciating pain due to gallstones. Gallstones can become a serious problem if not treated at the earliest. There are some substances that make up bile, but when there is an imbalance in these substances, then gallstones form. In simple words, if your liver produces more cholesterol, the bile finds it difficult to dissolve it and finally hard stones are formed.

Tired of using SKIN LIGHTENING creams? FIND SKIN WHITENING home remedies that work on dry skin.

The market has a number of natural skin lightening creams, masks, lotions to help you all in getting a great complexion. When you talk about skin lightening, it can be referred to the using products that help us lighten our skin tone to some extent. We all want to have an even skin tone. Getting fairer skin or having an even skin tone is a rage these days. Some people are blessed with a fair skin tone by birth so they don’t really have to really worry about the color of their skin.
Dry skin can also be a major cause of early aging. Following simple ways to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized can go a long way in giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Net result, I feel it’s very important to maintain the natural skin that you have been gifted with and opt for some simple natural skin lightening remedies made at home. I’m sure this will do wonders on your skin.

3 Natural Home Remedies For Treating DRY ITCHY SCALP

LEARN the causes of DRY SCALP and top remedies for getting rid of DRY ITCHY SCALP from your home. If you like this video give it THUMBS UP or share your suggestions in the comments section below.
Is your scalp itching? I’m sure most of us must have faced this problem at some point in our lives. Don’t worry because there are dime a dozen home remedies for dry scalp to free you from this problem. If your hair becomes unmanageable very often, and is prone to itching and breaking then dry scalp might be the reason. If dry scalp is not treated well, it causes itchiness of the scalp and several other issues. If you are facing dry scalp problems, stop using expensive hair care products and head straight to your kitchen for some home remedies for dry scalp.

2 Effective Home Remedies For STOMACH ULCERS Treatment

Ulcers in stomach are caused due to an infection caused by the bacterium, namely H Pylori. Extended use of anti inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen is another factor. Too much of acid in the stomach can arise due to excessive stress and smoking. This causes ulcers as well. It is important to know how to treat stomach ulcers.

Apart from these factors, increased consumption of alcohol, family history of ulcers, repeated use of steroids and being over 50 years old are responsible for the onset of stomach ulcers. Home remedies and natural remedies are wonderful ways to cure ulcers. So please go ahead and read what we have in store for you.

3 Best Home Remedies To REMOVE SKIN TAGS AT HOME

Skin tags are small outgrowths of skin which can appear on any part of the body. These are also known as acrochorda and are usually painless and therefore harmless. However a lot of people face embarrassment due to the presence of skin tags which makes it a cosmetic problem. Skin tags are sometimes smooth or sometimes wrinkled and they are of varying sizes. They consist of blood vessels and collagen fibers near the skin. They appear flesh colored. These skin tags are usually harmless but a little precaution has to be taken so that they don’t bleed due to friction or any kind of cuts.

3 Best Home Remedies To TREAT ACNE SCARS ON FACE

Who doesn’t want a flawless complexion? We all do! Acne Scars, these are small red eruptions that appear usually on the face. These are inflamed sebaceous glands and are generally seen among adolescents. Women feel conscious when facing others if their faces are troubled with acne. Acne is generally not a permanent problem and can be treated. Sometimes the scars that acne leaves behind can be stubborn and decrease your confidence levels to a great extent.

2 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of SWOLLEN LIPS

Are you wondering how to get rid of SWOLLEN LIPS? There might be treatment options that can cure the allergy and reduce your swelling, but nothing can beat our DIY home remedies that can give you a natural look quickly and conveniently!


Waxing bumps are common for many women, try these 3 home remedies to prevent pimples and bumps after waxing,

Waxing can be a pretty painful procedure. Yet, ladies indulge in this method of removing unwanted hair from their body, to make their skin look even, clean and toned. In some cases, waxing results in red and irritated skin. The younger generation is getting more conscious about their looks. Many women notice after waxing pimples on their skin and this could be due the sensitive skin.


CHEST CONGESTION can be well treated with effective HOME REMEDIES. WATCH THIS VIDEO to know more.
Chest congestion can happen due to the accumulation of mucus in the upper respiratory tract. It can cause a respiratory tract infection if not attended to. Chest congestion may also be caused due to the inflammation of the lower tract of respiratory system. It also leads to heaviness in the chest and chestpain. Simply speaking, chest congestion is caused due to accumulation of excess mucus and fluids in lungs. Several particles like dust, allergens etc get entrapped in the mucus and result in chest congestion.

3 Best Home Remedies For UNDERARM WHITENING

Dark underarms are definitely an embarrassing sight for many! Women are the most affected with this problem when compared to men. People who have a darker skin tone are more prone to dark underarms. I’m sure there would be an absence of sleeveless garments in the closets of these women who have to deal with this problem. However, there is nothing to get worried about because it is a common problem and is curable. I’m sure we all would want to know how to whiten dark underarms! Don’t worry because we have some remedies listed below to help you.

3 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of EYE STYE

What is an eye stye? An eye stye can occur on the outside or inside of eyelids. They are pus filled and painful. They are also very common in occurrence. It is caused due to a blockage of the one or more sebaceous glands in the eye. This blockage could be because glands in the eyelids get obstructed with scar tissues or foreign substances like make up products. It might progress to an infection of the eye stye with bacteria called staphylococcus. Symptoms of an eye stye are presence of a red and tender swelling near the edge of the eyelids.


How to remove pimples from face is quite a task for many! A pimple is a small pustule. They are small skin lesions and are also known as spots or zits. They occur due to the inflammation of the sebaceous glands, or the oil glands. This skin condition affects almost all age groups.