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Learn More About Taxes - How to File Taxes and the Importance of Tax Returns

You are expected to file returns if you are self-employed, have other income received in gross and from which taxes have not been cut, such as rental income from property, interest in a national savings income account, etc. Returns would also have to be filed if the taxation rate is high or complex.

CST Tax Singapore - Expat Tax Advisors and Consultants

CST has specialist advisors who work daily with their colleagues in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom to ensure your tax advisory and compliance needs are properly looked after.

What is a Tax Return?

A tax return is a document filed with state or federal authorities that declares a taxpayers liability for being taxed, based on their yearly income.

What Is the Minimum Income Required to Pay Taxes?

The IRS publishes income levels, varying with age and status, which you are not required to file a federal tax return. However, you could make more than these figures and still be exempt from federal taxation as a result of tax credits and deductions.

How to Get Help Filing Taxes

Preparing and filing your income taxes can be a difficult task. There are a lot of different forms and documents needed, as well as many different ways to file. However, many sources of help are available. Some sources of help are free or low cost, such as resources from the IRS and other organizations. Alternatively, you can hire a tax professional to assist with filing your taxes.

Top 10 Income Tax Preparation Tips | Enlighten Me

Whether you diligently file your taxes early each year or wait until April 14 to start on that return, these tips will help your income tax preparation go much more smoothly.

The Importance of Tax Returns

Here are some helpful information about tax returns and their importance.

A Beginner's Guide To Taxes: Which Tax Form Should I File?

Taxes can be complicated. And as taxpayers, we find that frustrating. So it would make sense, then, that we would snatch up the easiest, least complicated tax forms that we can find. Only, that’s not always the right choice. There are a number of tax forms available and the key is to pick the one that’s the most advantageous for you, not just the one that seems the most simple.

Tax Basics: A Beginners Guide to Taxes - FindLaw

Congress, the legislative branch of the government, writes the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), also called the tax code. The tax code directs the collection of taxes, the enforcement of the tax rules, and the issuance of tax refunds. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the government agency within the U.S. Department of Treasury charged with carrying out these functions.