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Best Way to Enhance Rebound Resilience

Rubber resilience in a tire is the measurement of how elastic it is when exposed to various stress levels. Monitoring and gauging material resilience helps create tires with wider rebound flexibility.


Rubber Used in Tires

Rubber is the dominant material is all tire structures. Rubber with no added filling is weak and low on physical strength. A tire sans a proper filling is virtually useless.



Fillers are compounds that are added to rubber tires in order to build strength and resilience. A filler will also be used to change the physical attributes of a tire made with vulcanised and unvulcanised rubber. Typical filler materials are carbon black, calcium carbonate, clay and calcium silicate. Colour of fillers fall into the black or white categories. Black fillers are the most popular in the rubber trade, which is predominantly used for making tires, hoses and cable manufacture.


Carbon Black Fillers

Carbon Black is the most widely used filler that plays a big part in enhancing the strength of rubber tires. Carbon Black comes in many grades; these are N-200 ISAF - intermediate super abrasion surface, N-500 FEF-fast extruding furnace, N-300 HAF-high abrasion furnace and N-660 GPF-general purpose furnace. When using these carbon fillers the end result such as physical strength, cost and various processing methods are taken into consideration; this is especially essential when manufacturing high grade industrial tires.


Carbon Black Filler for Enhanced Performance

Various studies carried out have shown that the addition of carbon black to rubber tires have increased the physical attributes and weight resilience of tires. Although studies have researched the use of carbon black in tire enhancement, no proper study has established the rebound resilience of tires due to carbon black fillers. As such it is a wise choice to select your high performance tires from a reputed and trusted tire manufacturer like GRI Tires. Studies have also proved that different structures of carbon black help improve the rheological and physical properties of a tire. Rheological properties study the maximum and minimum torque at various temperatures.


Increase in Rebound Resilience

Rebound resilience is the ratio of resilience after impact energy is measured. According to studies carried out the substitution of various grades of black carbon did not make a significant impact on rebound resilience. N550 was observed to show a higher torque and lower cure times.