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Updated by Evie Teuber on Apr 28, 2016
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Top 16 Running Tips For Beginners

To help you get off to the right start, I have put together a list of top running tips, from one beginner to another.


Join a Group

Whether it be an online community, like The Running Club, or a local group, you can keep those doubts at bay with a running buddy. Admittedly it can be hard to find someone at the same level as you, but if you’re both training for the same event, you could probably work out a training plan. Joining an online community and finding people experiencing the same troubles, training plans etc can give you the support you need.


Focus on Future Benefits

When you first get into running, you’ll see little or no real improvements to start with. The real rewards will be visible in time. Try to not be put off by the fact you haven’t shed those extra pounds in the first week. When you’re trying to motivate yourself to get out there and run, imagine what you could and will look and feel like in a months time. If it is an event you’re training for, image what it will feel like when you cross the line with a record time.


Know Your Body

Obviously all exercise can result in injury if you’re not careful. However there are some injuries that are most common in runners. Blisters and shin splints are two good examples of this. Knowing the initial signs and picking up on any bad habits will help to prevent injury. Listen to what your body is telling you. Feel a pain in your side? Slow down and take a deep breath. Aching from a run? Take a day to rest before going again.


Track. Beat. Repeat.

Track your progress to see clearly what you have achieved. Work on beating your personal best. Then repeat, simple! The sense of achievement is one of the biggest motivators. Having a record that you can look back on will show you exactly where you started and where you are now. Plus, it’s nice to show off every now and again!


Mix it Up

Whether you've started running to loose weight or as a new hobby, throwing in some different exercises into the mix will help your overall performance as a runner. Have a look at what classes are running in your area or just head down to the gym. The more you strengthen your muscles, the more endurance they have for running.


Slow and Steady Wins The Race

There is some truth behind this saying. If you start off slow and steady, keeping a good pace, you are more likely to reach that finish line with an impressive time on your record. If you head off at full speed in the hope of finishing the race quicker, the chances are, you will burn a massive hole through your fuel tank. Here’s a good rule to follow: Run the first 2/3 of a race with your head and the last 1/3 with your heart.


Accept the Defeats

Don’t get into the habit of thinking each run will get easier and easier. Because it won’t. Some days will be good, some will be bad. You could go for a run and feel great and then the next will feel like you have been demoted back to the start. It’s important to stay focused and accept the defeats, wake up the next day, reset and go again.



Find a local event and sign yourself up. The 5k is a good starting point, it’s long enough to test yourself but short enough to complete without intense training. Set the date then work towards it. Especially as most events require a small fee, this will give you a boost of motivation to keep you on track.


Run For Yourself

Running can be a social thing but what it comes down to is just you and yourself. It is about finding and testing your limits, building strength and improving your overall health. Not to mention the stress relief and sense of achievement it can bring you.


Set a Goal. Then Break It Down

Think about why you want to get into running. Is it to master the 5k or test yourself with a marathon? Whatever your goal is, write it down, tell your friends, make a commitment. Then stop looking at the end goal and start looking at the steps you need to make to get there. The final goal can be daunting, so the mini goals are there to remind you of your progress and what you CAN achieve. The overall goal may be to finish the race with a personal best, but the mini goal to get to that next tree without slowing down, will help you achieve it.


Food is Your Second Best Friend

Eating the right food, at the right time, can boost your running performance and aid in recovery afterwards. As a basic rule, avoid eating heavy carb loaded foods before a run. Go for a lighter option that will give you a steady release of energy, a banana for example. There are thousands of guides out there directing you to a healthier lifestyle.


Water is Your Best Friend

Drinking water may seem like common sense, but the majority of us don’t actually drink enough. There is good reason behind the recommendations made by experts. Your body is mainly made up of water and requires it for a mass of reasons. To name a few, it lubricates your joints (good for running), regulates metabolism & temp control (also good for running) and assists literally every organ and cell in your body (working organs - definitely good for running).


Fitted Feet

Now that you look like a runner. You need to run like a runner. Whilst the clothes you wear won’t massively impact the success of your run, your trainers will. Everyone is different. That’s why taking the time to get your feet measured and assessed will help you get off to the right start. Pay a visit to a local sport shop that can help you find the right shoe.


Look Like a Runner

Now this doesn’t mean splurging on the latest trainers, gadgets and outfits. But there are benefits to wearing specialised running clothes. For starters the material is different, it’s made to be breathable, durable and flexible. Polyester based tops will keep you dry and comfortable whilst shorts, capri and tights will give you the freedom of movement without any restrictions. Finding a great outfit that makes you feel comfortable and look amazing will give you a boost of motivation to get outside and run!

For the women - a decent well-fitted sports bra is recommended to help keep your bouncing bumps under control whilst you focus on the run!


A 10 Minute Run is Still A Run

If you don't have a great deal of time, take a quick run. A 10 minute run still counts. It doesn't matter where you go or how far you run, it’s better than nothing so don't let time put you off. You’re already lapping everyone on the couch!


Give Your Body Time

You need to give your body time to adapt to running. Take into account your current fitness level and go for a test run. Try running for 5 minutes then stop and walk for 1 or 2 minutes. Repeat as many times as you want or can manage. The important thing to remember is to not over do it. Run in your comfort zone and over time increase the intensity. The aim is to increase the time running and decrease the time walking. But don’t be afraid to take a step back if you need to.