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Sports, motivation and nutrition

Here is list of short useful articles/reviews related to everything about sports and healthy life! And some amazing photos shot by us, Enjoy!


Athletics - Track and field

Exercises of athletics people were performing at all times. The first recorded track and field competitions were held back in 776 BC in the Ancient Greece. 

Running - as a way of life prolongation

Running – is one of the ways of movement. Run develops all muscle groups, strengthen cardiovascular system, cleans lungs of dust and smog.

Water Polo - a perfect sport for your body!

Water polo is a mixture of hockey, football and basketball. This sport perfectly develops teamwork skills, physical characteristics and a good coordination.

Madeira Nature, Porto da Cruz

Madeira has a lot to offer for true nature lovers. Train and discover.

Swimming - sport that develops all the major muscle groups

Swimming - sport that develops all the major muscle groups, helps to relax the musculoskeletal, circulatory system, and soothes the nervous system.

Vereda Do Arieiro - Pico Ruivo

Madeira has a lot to offer for true nature lovers.

Importance of Nutrition for Athletes

Athletes need to eat healthy to improve their performance. Balanced nutrition is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle!

Tour on Yacht along Madeira shore. Ponta Do Sol

Madeira has a lot to offer for true nature lovers.

Madeira Island Trail Running Events Calendar

Madeira Islands - one of the top trail running destinations. Here is the list of events that we think might help you to plan your next sports travel. Enjoy!

9 Little Known Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Even if you're not a fan of soccer, it's pretty hard to be alive in 2016 and not know or at least have heard of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Surfing Basics: Tips For Beginners

Surfing is one of the most unique and exhilarating activities. A brief list of tips for people just starting out or for those who have never surfed at all.

Football Training in Madeira

2M football training camp is located in the beautiful Madeira Islands, and caters to a variety of needs beyond football training.

Trail Running: My Second Job and Passion

Trail running is gaining more and more fans around the world. It helps us to keep fit while enjoying the natural amazing background.

Basic Nutrition Tips for Athletes

We have cobbled together some simple nutrition tips to keep in mind, some may be refreshers but those are good too, as it's easy to forget!

6 Best Foods To Improve Athletic Performance

Eating fresh and healthy foods is the secret of top-notch efficiency. The list of 6 mouth watering foods that will help increase your athletic performance.

Best Fat Burner

You may have come across a ton of lists that claim to include fat-burning foods. Did you know that best fat burner has been there around you all this while?

Sports Diet: 4 Foods to Fuel Performance

It is imperative to follow a strict sports diet to get the desired results. The quintessential list of foods that can pump up your power like never before!

10 Foods to Help Detox Your Body

Eating a lot of foods that help your body detox is important, especially if you’re an athlete. A quick list of top ten detoxifying foods.

Early Morning Jogging Pros and Cons

We often hear that jogging in the morning is beneficial for our mind and body. Is early morning jogging so beneficial or is it not? Let’s check it out!

15 Fat Burning Foods

Follow this guide and you’ll be amazed at how effectively you will be able to lose weight. Add these fat burning foods to your diet and see the fat vanish!

6 Brain Healthy Snacks To Enjoy At Your Desk

A list of nourishing and healthy snacks to enjoy and keep your energy up just at your desk during working day. By Sophie Addison

World Best Healthy Diets: 5 Effective Nutrition Systems - 2MADEIRA.COM

Most nutritionists believe that the best diet is a properly organized nutrition system, which becomes a part of the lifestyle.

Going To The Gym: What Should We Prepare For? - 2MADEIRA.COM

In this article you will learn how to choose the right gym, where to begin, what to expect and how to avoid mistakes at the initial stage.

Calcium: 10 Sources That Only Few People Know About!

Calcium is vitally important to health and well-being. Here is the list of 10 calcium-rich foods that should be on the menu.