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Updated by Harlon Goddard on Apr 28, 2016
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Top 10 Dishes to Try in Hong Kong – From Popular Snacks to Mouth-Watering Dishes

Hong Kong, one of the two Special Administrative Regions of China located on the South coast of China and separated by the Pearl River Delta known for its fine blend of heritage and culture.


Egg Tarts

One of the most staple snacks of the folk of Hong Kong is the Egg Tart. This simple snack, comprising eggs and pastry is simply delicious and is one of the best foods to have on the go. The egg tart has two variations; the crumbly short crust and the puff pastry, both of which are equally popular.


Snake Soup

Definitely one of the more exotic dishes on offer in Hong Kong, the Snake Soup is a traditional dish that every tourist must try out! Thin shreds of snake flesh are stewed and served with a thick and savory soup to make a truly delicious dish. This signature Hong Kong dish is even believed to keep colds and other common sicknesses at bay, making it quite the wholesome dish.


Stuffed Roasted Suckling Pig

Best served for larger groups, the Stuffed Roasted Suckling Pig is a pork dish where a suckling pig is stuffed with rice and a host of other spices and roasted over an open flame. The result is a delicious dish which offers crispy skin, succulent meat, and delicious rice accompanied with irresistible aromas.


Egg Waffles

These fluffy waffles, with their crispy exterior and moist insides are a great dish to have while on the go. Served hot off the waffle-iron, egg waffles are quite common among local eateries, especially at a Lee Keung Kee. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Wan Chai Hong Kong to accommodate yourself, make a reservation at the Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong.


Hot Pot

This traditional Hong Kong dish is much like a fondue pot with meat and piping hot and rich-in-flavor broth. Raw meat and fish balls on skewers are dipped into the broth until they are cooked upon which they are ready to be eaten. With a range of broths and many different kinds of meat, everyone is sure to love the Hot Pot.


Beef Brisket Noodles

Another staple dish in Hong Kong, the delicious beef brisket noodles is a meal in itself. With succulent chunks of beef and a stock that will make your mouth water, beef brisket noodles is one of those dishes that is a perfect quick dish. Accompanied with tofu, rice noodles, and many vegetables, this is a must-have dish!


Pork neck instant noodles

If you want a quick bite which is delicious and wholesome, then try out the pork neck instant noodles. This dish which comprises instant noodles and delicious fried chunks of pork makes it one of the most beloved snacks in street side eateries. Oh and did we mention that it is serves with cheese sauce?


Shrimp and Chicken Balls

Picture finely diced chicken and shrimp, all molded into a ball and dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried. That's what shrimp and chicken balls are. Traditionally served at functions, everyone who visits Hong Kong really should try to have this delicacy!


Rickshaw Noodles

Popularized by the many rickshaw vendors in the 1960's this instant noodle dish is a classic Hong Kong street-dish. Served with vegetables, fish balls, sauces, and meats, they make for a great substitute for a meal, especially while exploring the city.


Roast Goose

This traditional Cantonese dish comprises a whole goose, roasted to perfection. With crispy skin, juicy flesh, and soft bone, this dish is accompanied with plum sauce to give it truly mouth watering flavors.