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Updated by Marti Gardner on Apr 27, 2016
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Top Dive Sites in Tioman – Discover a Fascinating New World

There are a number of dive sites around the island of Tioman, Malaysia. These not only offer you sights of exotic marine life but are home to volcanic caves, swimthroughs, wrecks and thriving reefs.


Chebeh Island Pulau Tioman

The most popular dive spots around Chebeh Island are the north and south eastern corners; these areas are home to canyons and exciting swimthroughs formed by volcanic rocks. The canyons are your best bet for coming across schools of yellowtail fusiliers while heading down further to the 20 metre mark and you will rewarded with sights of glassfish.


Wrecks off the Marine Park Pulau Tioman

If you like exploring wrecks then this is the best region. Around the southern perimeter of Soyak Island are 8 wrecks which are easily accessible from the beach of the Marine Park Headquarters. The wrecks are basically lined up around the same area making it easy to plot a course while curious batfish are sure to trail around you. Schools of fusiliers, trevally's and jack fish can be spotted around the wrecks.


Renggis Island Pulau Tioman

This is one of the best dive spots around Tioman and is quite crowded during high season. Sub Surface Reef located on the eastern edge of the island is home to a number of marine species such as sponges, corals, anemones and colourful coral fish. Easily accessible from a luxury Tioman resort, Renggis Island is a popular night dive training spot. And apart for scuba diving the reef is loved by snorkelers for its abundance of marine life; a leisure activity enjoyed in plenty around the western shores of Tioman Island home to the Berjaya Tioman Resort.


Sepoi Island Pulau Tioman

Sepoi Island is located a bit further from Tioman Island than the others; as such it is a less frequently dived area. Drift dives around the volcanic boulders and around the island are the most popular. Make sure to explore Golden Reef located just off the northeast edge of the island and you will be treated to sights of sponges, sea fans, soft corals and more exotic marine life.


Tiger Reef

Tiger Reef is definitely the highlight of any dive experience in Tioman. The reef is made up of an underwater pinnacle that starts from 10 metres and descends to depths of 22 metres. The site is best suited to professional divers as the current can get quite strong and an open water advance dive certificate is needed to handle the current. Diving is a treat indeed for you are treated to sights of boulders covered with soft and hard coral as well as exotic barrel sponges. Some of the striking marine creatures to spot around the reef are batfish, angelfish, barracuda, blacktip shark, butterfly fish, moray eels and Napoleon wrasse. The icing on the cake would be to spot an elusive whale shark; which is quite possible during the right season. February to March is the best seasons to enjoy the best of Tiger Reef.