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Empire Commercial Enterprises

Empire Commercial Enterprises is one of the leading firms in Australia. Our range of products and services cover residential and commercial scaffolding applications, temporary fencing, portable toilet hire, and waste management. At Empire Commercial Enterprises, we endeavour to make the construction hire process simpler, easier and better.


Hire Easier and Better Construction Solution

At Empire Commercial Enterprises we are dedicated to provide easy and better hire solutions to the construction and civil industries. Our friendly, expert staff are committed to providing you with the best service and advice in time and on budget. We provide services like scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, portable toilets, temporary fence and skip bins.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding

At Empire Commercial Enterprises, we specialise in providing the safest, most cost-effective, quality Scaffolding for any application. We have a range of Scaffolding to suit your needs, whether you’re rennovating a house or building a high-rise. Fully certified and insured, our specialist staff will help you determine exactly what you need.

Cheap Skip Bins

Empire Commercial Enterprises offers best and cheapest skip bins. We are here to arrange the right bin and collection schedule to suit your needs. From residential, commercial to industrial, we will help you find the perfect skip, from garden waste to common household waste or massive chunks of debris.

Reliable Portable Toilets

If you need the best portable toilets then you can bet your bottom dollar that Empire Commercial Enterprises is the sure choice. Our portable toilet rental is second to none; our range of high-quality portable toilets cannot be beaten. Ideal for domestic and commercial sites, special events, public gatherings or small parties, we offer quality units at competitive prices.

Things You need to Know about Skip Bins

Skip Bins are available in different sizes and the one you choose depends entirely on the purpose. For instance, you could opt for a small bin if you are planning to clean up just the lawn or the garden. However, for a full house cleanup, a larger waste bin would be required. If you want skip bins at affordable cost then contact Empire Commercial Enterprises.

Temporary Fencing- Security and Access Solutions for all Applications

If you’re in need of a temporary fence, you can call on Empire Commercial Enterprises! We provide a highly versatile and quick-to-install security and access solution for both domestic and commercial applications. Whether you’re fencing off an area of construction or restricting access for a public event, Empire Commercial Enterprises can supply and install any manner of temporary fence solution.

Light Weight, Mobile Scaffolding for Tight Areas

If you need the best mobile scaffolding than Empire Commercial Enterprises is a best choice for you. If you’re looking for scaffolding applications where mobility and flexibility are necessary, Mobile Scaffolding is the perfect solution. Empire Commercial Enterprises offers best Mobile Scaffolding.

Tips To Choose Scaffolding Hire Firms

When you choose scaffolding hire firms the first thing that will help you is a quick browse through the website will show how well established the firm is and the variety of scaffolding equipment it offers. Evaluate your requirements before you select the type of scaffolding needed. Empire Commercial Enterprises offers safest, most cost-effective and quality scaffolding hire service.

Advantages of Skip Bin Hire

The first advantage that skip bin hiring will offer you is the ease with which you can do so. here are numerous companies online or in your neighborhood which offers complete solutions for hiring of skip bins. These companies will transport the skip bin to your home or construction site and make sure that it is easy to handle. Empire Commercial Enterprises offers skip bin hire in lowest rates.

Factors to Keep in Mind for Temporary Fence Hire

There are wide ranges of material available in the temporary fences and so you need to make sure that you only hire the ones that are best suited for your purpose. Installing the temporary fence is only possible with the right skills and tools. Contact Empire Commercial Enterprises for best Temporary Fence Hire.

Benefits of Skip Bin Hire service

Skip bins save the environment as the waste is disposed off in a professionally managed way. It saves money to travel to the disposal site yourself. It also saves your time and effort as well, including the time and effort to sort the waste yourself.

Benefits of Residential Scaffold Hire

When you opt for scaffold hire you don’t need to bother about choosing one for your needs. Simply contact the rental company and they will help you choose the right scaffolding depending on your specific requirements. Empire Commercial Enterprises offers residential scaffold hire service.

Factors To Consider Before Obtaining A Skip Bin Hire Service

Ensure that the skip bin hire agency that you are about to appoint owns a legitimate license. You should also take note of the time duration the agency has been in this field, plus the number of projects they completed in past successfully.

Tips to Get the Right Scaffolding Service Hire

For hiring a scaffolding service, there are many ponits to keep in mind as only the right scaffoldind service providers can make your construction work easier. Read on to get tips on hiring the right people for the job.

Tips to Use Scaffolding Safely and Conveniently

Expert advice is what works best in making scaffolding as they have good experience about the work at hand and how best the scaffolding can be designed to ensure safe and proper completion of the work.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Scaffolding

Safety should be the primary consideration especially when tall constructions are being undertaken. Scaffolding construction company must be registered or have the necessary license from local authorities to undertake projects in that locality.

Types of Portable Toilet Hire

Chemical toilets hire and sewer connect toilets. If recently you have gone to a posh restaurant or a movie you will notice the urinals and toilets that are water less. These are becoming highly common these days and the name for these is chemical toilets.

Types of scaffolds

Single scaffold is widely used for projects involving brick masonry. Double scaffolds is a popular choice for stone masonry projects and Needle scaffolds is also known as cantilever scaffolds, they can either be of the single type or the double type.

How Is Mobile Scaffold Different From Normal Scaffold?

Unlike traditional scaffolds, mobile scaffolding is much safer. The workers who handle the scaffold usually sit or stand on a railing guarded by a plank. The portability of these scaffolds is great. It is easy to move them from one place to another.

Uses of Mobile Scaffolding

Mobile Scaffolding made relocation easy. It is a fact that mobile scaffolds will enable workers to push and pull the same to the desired area. Systems in association with mobile scaffolds have changed the way of completion of construction jobs.