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Updated by Lucie Aurore on Apr 27, 2016
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5 Ways Serviced Apartments Stop You Stressing – The Best Things About Serviced Apartments

Trying to find the perfect accommodation when you are planning a vacation or retreat can be hectic. There are often so many things to worry about when choosing accommodation.


Everyone can be together

When traveling as a group, especially as a family, a problem that most people face is the fact that hotel rooms or suites may not always allow everyone to be together. For example, families with more than two children will often have to split up. Serviced apartments allow you to stop stressing about this, as most serviced hotels and residencies offer multi-bedroom apartments, ensuring that your whole group can be together throughout all the entire vacation, without having to split up at nights. It really does help you have a far more relaxed vacation.


Ample personal space

Now you might be wondering, will everyone staying together compromise on my personal space? The answer to that is no. Most serviced apartments have several places where you can keep just for yourself, ensuring that you don't have to be in each other's business all the time. The fact that there are separate bedrooms you can turn in or have an early night whenever you want. Furthermore, since many serviced apartments have designated study/work stations and private areas, you can be assured that you will be able to take care of your personal matters without having your privacy infringed on.


So many facilities

If you happen to make a reservation at a reputed serviced residence such as those offered by The Ascott Limited, you will be treated to the opportunity of having multiple facilities to make your stay that much more convenient and memorable. With facilities such as broadband and internet facilities, swimming pools, sauna, fully equipped gyms, daily breakfast lounges, children's play areas, in-room electronic safes, and many more, you are bound to feel right at home. These amenities and facilities will also ensure that you have too much on your vacation!


Household services

Just because you are staying in a serviced apartment doesn't mean you will have to worry too much about household things such as doing the laundry, cleaning up the place etc. On the contrary, serviced residencies offer daily housekeeping and laundry services, so you don't have to worry about that at all. Thus, even though everyone staying together is bound to make the place messier and the kitchen will most probably be full of unclean utensils, you can simply rely on the housekeeping services so that you can have a homely experience without the hassle of having to clean up; so no more worrying about cleaning after each other!


You can stay-in in the Evenings

The beauty of serviced apartments is that while they do have personal spaces, they also have common areas. Living rooms, dens, and designated dining spaces are features of nearly all serviced apartments. Thus, if you stay in at your serviced apartments you will still be able to chill out together. Unlike hotel rooms, where many people cannot comfortably crap up, serviced apartments are great if you want to have your own little gathering in the apartment. So if you don't have plans in the evening you have nothing to worry about as chilling out in your apartment is always an option.