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World War II Radio, propaganda, Nazi

Here is a list of websites that I'm using for my video project. These websites provide information important to my investigation of the effects of propaganda during the rise and fall of the Nazi regime.

Signal Magazine 1940 - 1945

Signal 1940 - 1945, a German Propaganda Magazine of World War II. I found this website after exploring the Calvin College research website. Signal was a propaganda magazine during World War II. It was formatted similar to that of Life magazine , covering the war efforts of Germany, incorporating human interest stories, and aimed at attracting an International interest of the Third Reich. This website contains primary documents, letters, and photos that highlight the focus on the use of propaganda by the Nazis.

Nazi Propaganda (1933-1945)

This website is a collection of German propaganda pre-peri-post World War II. Included are many examples of propaganda ranging from speeches, press releases, newpapers, and radio broadcast. Primary documents and commentaries from the Reich Minister of Propaganda (Joseph Goebbels). Collection includes a letter from Joseph Goebbels that explains the importance of radio and film in growing national support and unity of Nazi party.

Here is the link to a PDF format of a empirical analysis of the Nazi use of radio as form of propaganda. Found this site from the UTA database. Good secondary source that gives a detailed analysis of the effects of radio propaganda and the correlation of the rise of the Nazi party. Used citations from the paper to find other informational websites over this topic.

Holocaust Timeline: The Rise of the Nazi Party

This is a timeline curated by the University of South Florida. It includes a nice timeline of most the key events of WWII. Not much on this website about the use of propaganda. However, there are many photos and links to secondary sites included on this site.

Nazi Propaganda

This webpage is curated by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This site is a secondary source that incorporates primary document, photos and cartoons. Great photo of Leni Riefenstahl, German filmmaker, and whose works include Triumph of Will.

Nazi Fairy Tales

Link to an article I found from the UTA library database. Title of the article is Nazi Fairy Tales and it contains information of how children's literature was used indoctrinate children to Nazi ideals such as discrimination of Jews. Includes illustrations from famous children's books like "Trust No Fox" and "The Poodle-Pug-Dachshund-Pinscher" both books were later used in Nuremberg Trials which led to convictions for war crimes. Julius Streicher and the Der Sturmer ( The Attacker) weekly magazine that slandered Jews.