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Updated by Denise Hunt on Apr 27, 2016
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Office Stationery Vs. Promotional Stationery – Which Should My Company Buy?

Office stationery is essential to the smooth running of any company, playing an important role in encouraging efficiency, productivity and staff happiness. Promotional stationery, printed with your business’ branding, can be a good way to increase the reach of your company to new audiences. However, as an office staple often working in the background, buying plain office stationery may be a more strategic option. Here’s your guide to which you should buy for your office:


Office stationery

Office stationery

Office stationery is wide ranging, nowadays including everything from a pen to a printer. From a professional stationery supplier, company office stationery can be easily purchased in bulk, which is especially beneficial for a busy working environment where low supplies can impede on staff performance.


Office stationery benefits

Office stationery benefits
  • Unbranded office stationery is cheaper than creating designed promotional stationery, which makes it advantageous for both small businesses who may not have the budget to spend on office stationery, as well as larger companies with many employees.

  • Office stationery supplies bought from a set provider makes for quicker purchases, meaning that businesses can focus on their key operations as opposed to menial tasks.

  • Items from pens, to paper, notepads or envelopes, can be bought in bulk and easily stocked on a repeat basis. This makes the role for the office or facilities manager much simpler and less time consuming.

  • For many office desktop essentials, postage and storage items, branding is not necessary and won’t bring a ROI. For stationery that doesn’t have a long lifespan, such as ballpoint pens, the extra cost of printing may also be redundant.


What is promotional stationery?

What is promotional stationery?

Promotional stationery should clearly display your company logo and key information, such as your contact details and line of work. Promotional stationery can help people outside the workplace better remember your company and find out more about your work.


Promotional stationery benefits

Promotional stationery benefits
  • Promotional stationery is primarily a form of advertising, allowing your business to be seen by new and varied audiences. In the case of office stationery, a branded pen or notepad can be taken out by staff and handed or shown to others.

  • Presenting staff or clients with promotional stationery can enhance your company reputation, as it can show that you’re invested in making a professional, good impression.

  • Staff using promotional stationery may feel more inclusive and part of the company as a whole, helping to create a united work effort.


Combining office stationery with promotional items

Combining office stationery with promotional items

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and convenient solution that will improve the running of your office, office stationery that can be purchased in bulk has many advantages. However, if staff will frequently be working outside of the office or you often have client visits, combining your office essentials with lower volume promotional items can act as a good marketing tool to improve your brand image.

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