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Software Companies in Dubai

Azinova is one of the premier software companies in Dubai, creating unique software solutions that catalyze business faster than other software companies, UAE.



How To Properly Implement An Odoo ERP In Dubai?

How To Properly Implement An Odoo ERP In Dubai?

Odoo ERP is perhaps the most popular ERP in Dubai, and it is something which will simplify your operations significantly. When you get Odoo ERP integration, your business will be boosted in terms of productivity and leverage. There needs a well-planned strategy for the implementation process of the software, and this is where a lot of the companies may fall apart. An Odoo ERP in Dubai contains, essentially, many resources, such as employees’ time and money and the relevant data as well. These critical factors considered, the implementation process is not something that can be arbitrarily processed, and many challenges will be faced. Here are some of the most common that you will face:

Integration: During integration of an Odoo ERP in Dubai, it is necessary for you to identify the processes that are going to help you and the ones which will not. There are certain processes which will help you gain an edge over your competitors, and then there are those which are going to bring you down. This is why you should do a thorough research of the software’s capabilities and gauge the value of all the integrations.

Customization: Every Odoo ERP in Dubai is specifically tailored for a particular business and their unique requirements. You can purchase an entire ready-made product or you can get the framework which is used to develop the software. If you were to purchase the entire product instead of the framework, then you will encounter several issues which will make it impossible for you to work. Only once you understand the framework, can good software be built.

Implementation: You should have goals in mind for the Odoo ERP Implementation in Dubai. You should have an idea of what you expect to gain after you implement the ERP in Dubai. This is quite important because only if you know the goals in the beginning, then can you only know what all changes need to be made when you have to. This way work can be tailored to meet the goals, and a process can be drawn for changes to be added later.

Data Quality: This is an issue that is faced by companies that are in the process of migrating their legacy data including the excel spreadsheets, manual records, and disparate applications. Old data will seem obsolete in the new Odoo ERP in Dubai. These disparate solutions have to be consolidated, and the legacy systems properly migrated when you are implementing your Odoo software.

Implementing an Odoo software will require tremendous effort on anyone who is doing the implementation. Planning, evaluation, monitoring, and of course the technical expertise of someone who is well versed in the process of implementation. There are several ways you can do this, you could hire someone who is well versed in the Odoo implementation yourself, but perhaps the best way is for you to choose Odoo software development companies in Dubai because they would’ve already done it prior.


Odoo ERP In Dubai

Odoo ERP In Dubai

Odoo ERP is perhaps the most popular ERP in Dubai, and it is something which will simplify your operations significantly.

Odoo Software Development

Once the final version of the Odoo software has been created, we will provide a technical and functional developer to give onsite training on the implementation process across your business departments such as with regard to Basic Configuration and Data Migration.


How Odoo Production Management in Dubai Module Helps You?

How Odoo Production Management in Dubai Module Helps You?

It seems like every day, there is some new gadget or technology being launched that has the potential to change the manufacturing and production process. This means the present day systems will become obsolete if companies aren’t willing to step up their game. There is high competition, insatiable clients, rising costs, and the hard task of getting skilled resources. For of all these problems, there is an app that you can integrate which will help you overcome these obstacles and properly manage your manufacturing process. Odoo ERP is a cost efficient method which can help you with managing every aspect of the manufacturing and all of that through interfaces that are at your fingertips.

The Odoo ERP Manufacturing/ Production Management Module

A complete Odoo Production is effortlessly able to help the varied processes like assembling, designing and distributing the products without missing the deadline. Moreover, this holistic module will help with the invoices, quotes, tracking and scheduling. An Odoo Manufacturing Module will help your company in these myriad ways:

Manufacturing: Scheduling the work orders automatically creates great efficiency in the manufacturing process, and in utilizing the disparate inventory with relative ease.

Scheduling: Resource identification and Requirements, management and planning are crucial things to be taken in. The work orders can be scheduled, and the availability of the resources tracked.

Automation: The module has support for bar codes, and various operations can be configured to transpire automatically with the minimal manual effort required.

Flexibility: This production management module helps you operate multiple tasks with relative ease, operations such as billing, routeing and implementing changes can occur.

User Interface: This helps you the users to manufacture the products, and give orders based on their choice. There are several views available, and you can make the changes on the list view and the calendar view besides being able to make changes to the schedule. Gannt view also exists for providing customization and flexibility.

Analytics: It provides incisive insights into your manufacturing process. The best thing about the process is that it synchronises manufacturing and inventory seamlessly while making it possible for you to view the manufacturing activities, stock levels, and generate streamlined reports and uninterrupted business workflow.

Odoo Production Management Module in Dubai Helps You Cater To

Automobile and Transportation: Odoo’s Production Management Module has provided the automobile and transportation with a great boost to their manufacturing as the module has made it possible for them to create better products faster.

Industrial Equipment: Companies that are creating industrial equipment are able to get their high rate volume of material procurement and manufacturing in balance with the implementation of Odoo production management module.

Medical: With Odoo, multiple modules can be integrated into a single software product, and for the medical industry, production management, supply chain management and scheduling can all be integrated into the single software.

Other than these, myriad other industries make use of the Odoo manufacturing module as a catalyst for their manufacturing process.

All businesses are evolving, whether manufacturing or services and if you want to get ahead of the game, you will need to integrate software. Odoo’s ERP gives you cost efficient and highly scalable modules for every type of activity.


Odoo ERP In Dubai

Odoo ERP In Dubai

Odoo ERP is a cost efficient method which can help you with managing every aspect of the manufacturing and all of that through interfaces that are at your fingertips.

ERP Development Company DUBAI

Today, for a business to function there needs to be a multitude of operations happening simultaneously with maximum efficiency from all of the resources employed, i.e. everybody needs to be working really hard and they must communicate with each other. Considering the disparate amount of processes that a business requires to operate, being in control all of them seems like a very distant possibility. But having an enterprise resource planning software provides a solution for this problem. It is a system which integrates all the other business processes - from the manufacturing to production, customer service management, packaging and distribution - every single process will be taken into account and relayed back with necessary information it needs to function.


How your eCommerce can grow with Odoo Integration?

The ERP solution that one chooses will define the values, road maps and components that govern its own usage. When you choose and implement a pre-prepared solution, then you are going to have a well-integrated development and execution. There are many such solutions, but Odoo is perhaps the best ERP out there in the market. Choosing an Odoo solution will help your business flow and also adapt to emerging technologies. Odoo will serve eCommerce businesses well as it is robust software which will the merchants make their business more scalable. Once with Odoo integration, you can reap plenty of benefits:

Work Culture

With Odoo software integration, businesses can reduce the time spent on duplicating data from one system to another. These redundant and inefficient tasks can be totally eliminated and your employees will be able to take on more challenging tasks and test their skills.

When you get Odoo integration, you will be able to have total control over your business processes. When you integrate the software, every stage of the process can be taken care of, including the initial stages of case handling and taking orders. Automating these tedious tasks will make it more efficient, quick, and accurate.

Customer Trust

If the customer is completely aware of the fulfilment cycle from start to finish, then you can expect the customer to give their complete trust to you. When you are having Odoo guided communication, it is easier for you to acquire precise customer details about the package, order, dispatch and delivery.

Social Media

Social media is a humungous part of an eCommerce company’s marketing strategies. With Odoo integration, your merchants will be able to operate social media channel seamlessly. Odoo has multiple social media tools and greater data integration which helps in increasing the online presence, connect with more users and create more conversions

In summary, Odoo should be the default ERP solution for your choice. It becomes much easier for you to set business goals and get them done successfully when you have an ERP such as Odoo, which is always on the fringe of the new. This allows for you to get a better eCommerce company up online where you will be able to make the business processes simpler and faster, get a better relationship with the customer, get the most out of your employees and perhaps most importantly get your revenue stream up and going.


How To Make The Transition From Odoo 9 to 10?

When Odoo 10 was launched last year, there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the Odoo community because of all the new things that it engendered. There were a lot of new enhancements and other rich features that help the manufacturing process as well as the general business process. The purview of the article is to show how you can ideally migrate from the older version to the latest one without much difficulty.

Backup and Create Demo

It is important that you uninstall the previous version of Odoo before you go ahead and install the new one. The registries must be wiped the slate clean, and get all the information of the previous version before installing the new one. It would be wise to setup a demo server.

Create Demo Copy

The latest Odoo module should be upgraded along with existing key modules. When you are devising an instance, it will be necessary to turn on/off the demo data set. When you have already given a command to import data, you will not be able to turn it off. When in the case of a module installation, each fresh instance would import the data. This is performed so that it is ascertained that the existing data of the older version is carried over.

Module Migration

Extra prudence must be applied when you are in the process of extracting the data, for a lot of the time, you will use add-ons and other third party software to store the data. There should be a proper method of data cleansing if any error does occur while you are moving the data.

Checks and Fixing

To know whether or not you have done a successful migration of Odoo, you can perform an integrity check. Once you have done, you can see if there are any issues and then fix the bugs.

The Demo System Deployment

To get a feel of the new Odoo 10, you can check out the several instances in the demo. These instances do not require any installation and only a web browser is enough to go through it. They are only live for a few hours but you will be browsing and experiment on them without any commitment.

Implementing on the Production Server

Once you have tweaked with the demo instances and got a handle on how the software works, you can begin to implement it onto the main production server carefully and step by step.

If you have carefully done the implementation step by step, then you begin to experience the benefits of Odoo 10, although that doesn’t mean everyone is ready. Some basic training is required for people to get really familiarized with the product.

Odoo Software Development

Once the final version of the Odoo software has been created, we will provide a technical and functional developer to give onsite training on the implementation process across your business departments such as with regard to Basic Configuration and Data Migration.


What Are The Salient Features Of Good Web Design Companies?

What Are The Salient Features Of Good Web Design Companies?

A web design company is a company that design websites. In that sense, the most salient feature of a web design company will be the fact they possess the resources to facilitate this design process. This means that they should have designers

Of course, if you were to only take into the account that single aspect as the deciding factor behind the decision to choose a particular website design company, then you are going to find that moat company would qualify as your choice.

There are certain things you need to take into account before you go about choosing particular web design companies. These are the salient features of good web design companies:

Experienced Designers

Good web design companies have good web designers who will help the company grow to greater heights by contributing the best designs. These web designers have to be able to adapt to the changing times and create advanced designs that simple ones according to the client’s requirements. Good web design companies with experienced designers would be capable multiple forms of web designs.

Varied Clientele

Another feature that good web design companies would proudly display is their list of varied clientele from all sorts of industries. Of course, if you are in the hunt for companies that are particularly skilled at a particular type of designing then this won’t matter. When you are looking for a company that has served reputed brands and different industries, then this factor is quite important.

Competitive Pricing

When you are trying to get find web design companies, then you will need to take a look at the prices that they have mentioned. A cheap price should not let you be hooked; often their work will be substandard and will not bring you, visitors. Check for companies that are neither too high nor too low and whose own website looks refreshing and seem to back up their price range.


A good website company will be proud of the feedback that they have received and will be displayed on their own website so as to let the visitors see that their trust is in good hands. These testimonials will be from people who’ve experienced growth once the web design company had taken over their projects and delivered tremendous results.

When you looking out for good web design companies in Dubai, then you will need to take into account whether these salient features are present and then proceed to look for the other important aspects of the company that is quite subjective.


How To Hire An Authentic Web Development Company?

How To Hire An Authentic Web Development Company?

I this day and age, it quite easy for a fledgling entrepreneur, all starry-eyed, looking to become to the next millionaire, to go for the web development companies that promise you the best websites at unbelievable rates, to fall into a miserable trap. These companies are abundant on the internet and they are here to get some quick buck from unsuspecting entrepreneurs before they get outed for being frauds. In this day and age, such stories are not uncommon.

These companies are often the result of scammers coming together to prey on unsuspecting entrepreneurs. There are several such companies out there, and while some of them can easily be found out by looking at their surprisingly cheap rates, others aren’t so conspicuous.

Some of these companies go a long way to disguise themselves as legitimate companies, even writing fake testimonials of fake people. Then they lure in these people to pay for them a hefty sum, which they often do, as the con is so perfect, it quite hard not to suspect their credibility. Once they have received the money, they will simply vanish.

There are so many narratives out there of entrepreneurs going through several rounds of companies before ever getting to see their required website online, and by the time they have done this, they would have spent a considerable amount more than they would’ve liked, which in the long run, will be a reason for folding up on their dreams.

If you are trying to get yourself a quote with the right company, then these are some of the things that you must keep in mind:

It is quite important that you do not heed straight to the first company that pops up in the search rankings. It is important that you put in a little bit of research.

You would want to know more about the kind of companies there are by searching for forums where the kind of companies with the best rapport gets talked about a lot.

You would also want to know whether they are doing the service on their own or whether they are asking consultants to do the job for you.

In most cases, do not purchase a domain from the service doing the web designing for you. If you do, make sure that they are optimized through white hat techniques and that they are visible via search crawlers.

Web development is no simple things, and there are a lot of fraudulent companies out there vying for the job of taking your dreams away from you. Make sure that you do adequate research and incisively comb through their history and feed backs before you select a website development company.

Designing and Developing Cutting Edge Websites

We are here to provide you with website designs and web-based apps that are cutting edge will have your business gaining a wider audience than before in addition to receiving more business prospects. Our business oriented approach combined with our technical expertise and efficient methodology allows us to absorb any challenge that the industry throws and persevere to create solutions that saves you time and money. Our determination and dedication towards delivering the perfect website solution for our clients has been perhaps the singular factor of our success in Dubai. As a consequence, we always have a harmonious relationship with them and this has propelled us to being one of the foremost web design and web developers in Dubai..


What a VAT Enabled Accounting Software in UAE can do for you?

Now that VAT has been implemented across the GCC, which includes the UAE, your business will need to go through an enormous documentation and bookkeeping process, which if left to mere human efforts would end up stagnating your business and naturally induce so many losses on your side. Therefore, it would be wise on your part to choose a VAT enabled accounting software in UAE. With the help of VAT software, you can process all the requirements that VAT might impose on you. Here are the things that a VAT enabled accounting software in UAE can do for you.

Filing for your VAT Returns
With a VAT enabled accounting software in UAE, you won’t need to capture tax data separately or have to export data to another software for filing. With this software, you can now develop VAT compliant invoices and then verify the tax sizes on each transaction as it is being generated. Monthly returns will be generated automatically, so the filing process will only require a mere flick of the button.

It is online
Accounting software is integrated directly with the internet, making it easily accessible to those who want to get the latest information about the tax returns whether they are out of station or not. You would also be able to do things like fetch bank transaction online.

There are several more things you can do:
Management of debtors and creditors
Sales Invoice Generation
Financial Management Reporting
Automatic Calculation of VAT
Combine with other software
One of its more prominent features is its ability to be integrated with other software and modules. Modules that are not present in the software can be assimilated via a combination. This allows the VAT enabled accounting software in UAE to be integrated with modules such as stock and payroll and such. Of course, there are multiple software out there which already would have all the necessary software integrated into them.

Indeed there will be modules inside VAT enabled accounting software in UAE that would meet all the necessary requirements of the transition to a VAT economy. Modules such as:

Financial Accounting
Point of Sales
There are so many advantages that a Vat enabled accounting software in UAE can provide for you:

Quick and Easy Setup
Simple and user-Friendly
Data backups
Flexible User Access
Multiple Module Integration
With a proper Vat enabled accounting software in UAE by your side, you will have not to fret about your tax worries ever again.


Most Effective SEO Techniques for 2018

Most Effective SEO Techniques for 2018

The Google algorithms are always in a flux, and though they are no mystery, they can be quite complicated to understand. Instead of trying to wrap your head around the complex Google algorithms, you can choose to implement certain techniques that are guaranteed to have a good effect on SEO and SEO Dubai rankings in 2018. Certain techniques that were good SEO techniques in 2018 would not be worth it in 2018, and some of them would be actually bad for you, that is why we have developed some really good techniques that are certain to give you a boost to your website and SEO efforts.


If your pages really attract the viewer and lead to them being there for quite a long time, then Google is sure to be biased towards your page. The level of engagement that a page garners has a direct effect on the way Google ranks the websites as it is an indication that the page contains useful information.


Gone are the days when Google only used to think about content with the highest amount of keyword density, what Google also takes into account these days is the in-depth quality of the content. If you have pages that are raking well, then if you were to add more quality content, then Google is definitely going to give it a bigger lift.


One of the things that you should do to get viewer attraction is to create videos with good descriptions and optimized titles. This is the type of SEO is called video SEO, and when you optimize your video with these SEO Tactics, you are sure to get yourself highlighted in Google as well, because as you know, Google owns YouTube.


It is found that site users have a very attention span, and if you not able to load the site in the first 3 seconds, then the chances that they are not going to stick around till it loads; therefore you will need to get your site loading speed up quite dramatically.


Like I’d said previously, you will need to create in-depth and quality content, where the focus should not be on injecting keywords but rather to get the right topics inside of the content and to have it targeted to the right audience. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon keywords entirely; you can use them in smaller amounts.


Backlinks are still imperative for building rankings. Without backlinks, there is no way that your website is going to rank well. However, that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and create just any kind of backlinks like user comments that can be flagged as spam. These links can be quite harmful to you.


You should reflect on whether the techniques that you’ve been using are working or not, and in order to ascertain that it is quite good to do reporting and analytics of your own strategies. Google Analytics will give you a lot of indication on how to make this work, and you can utilize the various metrics there to create new and better strategies.


There will be a lot of technical things that you have to get it right, and if you were to just ignore all of then you are not going to get your rankings up because you are going to get blacklisted by Google. Any issue such as a 404 Error or an HTTPS redirect is going to affect your rankings and SEO. Creating a technical perfect website is half of the work.

Local SEO

If you are having a local establishment where you wish to attract predominantly the local customers, then you are going to have to rely on Local SEO, which is still an effective SEO technique. Local listings in directories with updated information will go a long way in you making an appearance in geographical searches.

Guest Posting

This is still effective as long as the content that is posted is of good quality. You can offer to write a guest blog on some other’s website, or you could choose to pay some really good blogger to come around and write a blog for you. Guest posting will work as long as the quality of the content is good enough that people are compelled to stay and read it.


What you should look for software companies in Dubai?

What you should look for software companies in Dubai?

Of course, there are a lot of things that you should look for when you decide to hire software companies in Dubai, and in this article, you are going to find out the things that separate good software companies in Dubai from the mediocre ones.

First things first, you need to know what software companies in Dubai are. They are mostly Information Technology development companies who are based in Dubai offering you a choice from a range of software types. So, here is our first criterion in determining the best software companies in Dubai:

Range of Services

When it comes to software companies in Dubai, you will be better off if you could find a company that is offering plenty of services to choose from. These services can be diverse and multi-fold; the more disparate the services, the greater their expertise. Of course, if you are looking for specific software, then it is perhaps better if you were to choose companies that are focused only on providing that software, this means that they are focusing their resources on that.

Their experience

Another thing that determines which software companies are good for you is the amount of experience that they possess. If they were able to find a company that has a considerable amount of experience, say for example over a decades’ worth, then it is better if you choose that company over ones which are still only rising to that level in terms of experience. Experienced companies will have experienced personnel working for them and would have overseen several projects and thus would’ve acquired enormous insight.


Of course, the first two factors would only work in theory; you would also need to what people who’ve been services by these software companies in Dubai think about them. The best way to do this is to go and look for testimonials from these companies in sites where they give reviews on their services or products. If the names of any of these companies appear in any ‘best of’ lists, then you can certainly determine that these companies deserved to be looked if they come with recommendations.

Indeed, you can take into account these factors before you go and choose the software companies in Dubai that you would want to hire to create your own very software or to choose services from.