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Headline for Operation "Vittles" The Berlin Airlift June 1948-May 1949
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Operation "Vittles" The Berlin Airlift June 1948-May 1949

Links to digital history resources about the Berlin Airlift.

The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation

A great historical source from start to finish of the Berlin Airlift.
Includes photos and details of the Generals in charge of coordinating the effort, map of the region, and a piece of propoganda used to gain public support.

Telegram, Alfred M. Bingham et al., to Harry S. Truman, June 25, 1948. Official File, Truman Papers.

Telegram from Alfred Bingham, President of the American Association of Germany, and others to President Truman on 25June1948 making a plea for humanitarian airlifts to support Berlin during the Russian Blockade.

The Berlin Airlift, 1948–1949

Overview of the Berlin Airlift as told by the U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian.

Factsheets : The Berlin Airlift

Fact-sheet from the U.S. Air Force Historical Support Division on the Berlin Airlift.

General Lucius Clay talks about the Berlin Blockade in United States. HD Stock Footage

U.S. Military Governor of the American Sectors of Post-War Germany, General Lucius Clay, gives an interview over the supplies being airlifted in Berlin.

AirBrige to Berlin Home

  Link to "Airbridge to Berlin: The Berlin Crisis of 1948". This book goes through the origins of the conflict, the options, the solution, and the pilots who carried forth the mission.

Oral History Interview with Lucius D. Clay

This is a transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted for the Harry S. Truman Library. General Clay mentions his plea to President Truman to obtain more aircraft to ensure the Airlift did not fail.