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List of Incredible Things to do in Bali – Bali's Best Experiences

Bali, the tropical island that is one of Southeast Asia's most picturesque islands, is one of the region's top tourist destinations boasting beautiful beaches and many other attractions.


Try out the Bali Seawalker

Anyone can say that they've gone diving or snorkeling, but only a few can say that they've explored the world below the water surface on foot. The Bali Seawalker allows those of you who want to explore the depths of the oceans to don on their state-of-the-art helmets which give you a supply of oxygen so that you can simply walk on the sea floor! Exploring the beauty of the waters and the marine life like this truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Visit the Bali Marine and Safari Park

The Bali Marine and Safari Park allows visitors to interact with it's over 60 different species in the coolest ways imaginable! Located in the Gianyar regency, this park boasts tigers, elephants, chimpanzees, lions, zebras and piranhas. With amazing attractions such as the exciting night safaris, piranha feeding, elephant and monkey feeding exhibitions, tours through bat infested caves, and cultural shows, the Bali Marine and Safari park is an attraction that you simply should not miss!


Enjoy the scenic views

Being one of the most picturesque islands in the Southeast Asian region, it is no surprise that Bali offers some truly breathtaking sights. There are many small hills, cliffs and mountains that you can climb while in Bali to get stunning panoramic views of the amazing scenery of the island. One of the most famous sightseeing spots is the peak of the volcanic Mount Batur. Another popular location that offers breathtaking views is the view from the Uluwatu Temple. A great resort for accommodation in Bali is the luxury COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali.


Try out the unique bars

You may have thought you have visited unique bars, but nothing you have visited before will come close to crazy bars in Bali. In the more commercialized areas of Bali such as Kuta, Uluwatu, Seminyak and Ubud there are numerous unique bars that you are not likely to ever forget! Bars floating on the ocean, bars with bamboo swings for seating, gothic-cathedral stylized bars, bars with crazy futuristic themes, bars made completely of bamboo, and bar with a gigantic crocodile at the entrance; Bali's got it all!


Explore the "spooky places"

Bali's folk culture is full of legends of phantoms, specters and ghosts. Hence it is natural that many of its abandoned places are tainted with spooky stories of ghosts and other paranormal activity. If you have a penchant for the paranormal, or simple have the guts to explore scary places, then Bali is the place for you. Ghosts and legends aside, most of these abandoned places have their own stories and mysteries attached to them and are worth visiting. Just look over your shoulder every now and then!


Go to Trunyan Island

Ever wondered what it would be like if the dead were not buried and their remains were left in the open? Well the tribes on Trunyan Island do not believe in burying the dead, and thus, the island is home to the skeletons of hundreds of bodies of tribesmen and women who have died over the ages. The island is literally littered with skulls, bones and other bodily remains, making this experience suited only for the thick-skinned.


Explore the unknown beaches

Bali has many beaches which are not common. These untarnished golden sandy beaches truly are paradise defined, as they are not only beautiful but they guarantee seclusion and serenity. So if you have the time, explore some of Bali's unknown beaches.